Hello Glow: Probiotic Cocktails with Suja

January 14, 2017
By Suja Juice
In Press

Suja Drinking Vinegars. Specifically Hibiscus Ancho Chile and their Lemon Vinegar drink, were recently featured on Hello Glow. The website includes a recipe feature for Suja’s Probiotic Cocktails featured in the Winter issue of Purely Elizabeth’s quarterly magazine.

“You’re older now and you’re looking for drinks that are a little more sophisticated than Flaming Dr. Pepper. These probiotic cocktails fit the bill. With flavors like Hibiscus Ancho Chile + Rosemary and Vodka Lemon Cayenne + Thyme, they’ve got that high-end feel to them, and then they have an added, unexpected benefit too: they’re made with drinking vinegar.”

Get the recipes here: Hello Glow

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