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By Suja Juice

5 Holiday Workout Tips

Suja Workout Tips
Did you know that Americans gain an average of 1lb during the holiday months? The holidays are notorious for an excess of delicious, festive food and a shortage of time to exercise! It's not surprising that between shopping for gifts, attending holiday gatherings, and seeing to the rest of your regular responsibilities, your workouts can go by the wayside. Lucky for you, we've discovered 5 holiday workout tips that you can easily work into your busy holiday schedule:
  1. Opt for HIIT workouts: High Intensity Interval Training(HIIT) workouts are short periods of intense cardio that burn fat during and after your workout. Learn more and get a few of our fave HIIT workouts here.
  1. Add weights: Muscle is the body's primary metabolic driver, building it can actually help you burn more fat!
  1. Target your core: Core workouts are short and can lead to better posture, better balance and less injuries.
  1. Turn chores into more: Grocery bag bicep curls, lunges while you vacuum, get creative!
  1. De-stress with yoga: Set your alarm a half hour early in the morning to do some relaxation and breathing exercises.
Enjoy! Sam Swensen & Suja Juice