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By Suja Juice

5 Back-to-School Wellness Products for Students

Back-to-School essentialsCan you believe it’s already #BTS season? Translation: stuffed backpacks, packs of quiz-ready scantrons, and textbooks. We also can’t forget mountains of caffeinated drinks for those pesky all-nighters. Yes, this might be the colorful, slightly chaotic depiction that comes to mind when you think “back-to-school.” Aside from stocking up on those necessities, beginning of the school also requires an extra layer of armor for our immune systems—just think about crowded hallways and sitting in cramped classrooms. It’s also a smart idea to load up on nutrients to keep our minds ultra-sharp and bodies fueled to the max. This year at Suja, we’re made it SUPER easy to jump into the new school semester with our best-in-class wellness products to smash your finals and stay on your A+ game. Keep on reading to snag our top back-to-school wellness essentials in 2022! 1) Energy Shot: Focus, focus, focus— that might be the one phrase imprinted on all students’ minds. It’s also not out of the norm to slug down a million and one espresso shots or a can of sugar-filled Red Bull to keep your eyes peeled on that dreadfully long PowerPoint. These energy boosters might do the trick in the short term but might leave you with unwanted jitters. Enter the Suja Energy Shot— packed with 100 mg of organic coffee fruit and calming adaptogenic Reishi for a sustained concentration (sans the wiggles). So if you’re ready to feel 100% fueled before a big quiz or presentation, make sure to pop these in your backpack. PS: if you never want to be empty-handed, you can get our organic energy shots delivered to your doorstep monthly and save money too. Of course, you can modify or cancel your subscription at any point. Click here to start fueling up! 2) Immunity Drink | Carrot Mango: Depending on your classroom situation, you might find yourself on campus again, rubbing shoulders with your teachers and peers. It’s an exciting time, but we’re usually exposed to new germs and nasty colds that might have you reaching for a bottle of DayQuil. Along with intaking the proper nutrients and vitamins, you can elevate your immune system protection with Suja Carrot Mango — a tropical splash of carrot, mango, pineapple, and orange. Each bottle also contains Live Probiotics, Vitamin C from Acerola Cherry, and Vitamin E from Annatto. You’ll feel recharged and ready to ace those finals in no time. 3) Energized Focus | Raspberry Lemon: Speaking of finals, back-to-school means that we need to kick aside any brain fog and switch into “test-taking” mode. As we mentioned, coffee can only go so far and if you’re looking for a healthier alternative, then Elevated Nutrients™ Energized Focus: Raspberry Lemon is exactly what you need! Your tastebuds will awaken with a zap of refreshing raspberry, lemon, apple, acerola cherry, and lion’s mane. You’ll also get the zip you need from the L-Theanine in Green Tea — again, no jitters in sight! 4) Meal Planning Apps: With classes sprinkled all throughout the day, it might be challenging to squeeze in a meal, without hitting the bombarded school cafeteria. One of our best hacks to ensure you always have easy, accessible meals ready to consume is by downloading a meal-planning app! PS: If you need even more creative/healthy recipe ideas, we have a whole library of them for your back-to-school inspo here! 5) Self-Cleaning Water Bottle: As a student, it’s UBER critical to ensure that your cognitive functioning is always in tip-top shape. One of the best ways to always perform optimally is by hydrating—consistently! If you’re looking to keep your water game in check during back-to-school season, try purchasing a reusable water bottle…and not just any kind! Nowadays, you can opt for self-cleaning ones, so making sure it’s bacteria-free is one less task to worry about throughout your busy, exam-packed week. Heading back to school doesn’t need to be daunting if you’re prepared with all of your school supplies and wellness products that support your educational endeavors! When it comes to finding the best sips for students, we’ll always have you covered. To grab our top recommended #BTS wellness products, check out our handy product locator to find a Suja beverage near you!