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By Suja Juice

Suja's Commitment to Sustainability

If you’ve been sipping on Suja's cold-pressed juices for some time, you might know that we prioritize both taste and nutrition. However, sustainability is another pivotal pillar of our brand's identity. In fact, it’s been an essential part of our origin story, since launching back in 2012.

We believe that forging a strong bond with mother earth is the key to creating a greener tomorrow. So in honor of Earth Month in April, continue reading to understand exactly how we’re doing our part!

Why Sustainability Matters

Did you know that the US produces more trash than any other country? On average, every American generates 90,000 pounds of garbage in a lifetime. This statistic is shocking, to say the least, and as the population continues to grow, sustainable practices are growing more and more paramount. For brands like ours, implementing sustainable practices can directly impact climate change, preserve natural resources, fuel the economy, and much more.

Suja’s Commitment to Sustainability

Here’s exactly what our sustainability efforts look like today and over the past 10 years.

100% Organic Produce from Local Farms

We always partner with small farmers and 50%+ of our ingredients today are sourced locally. We do not source produce from the East Coast to reduce our carbon footprint.

On top of this, we use one million pounds of USDA organic & Non-GMO verified fruits and vegetables, weekly! 100% of any vegetable pulp that goes unused during our High-Pressure Processing method is donated back to local farms to cut down on waste.

Fun Fact: 4,200 tons of pulp was given back to Frank Konyn Dairy Farms in 2021.

Upcycling and Recycling

Here at Suja, we always choose to reuse materials when producing products to help reduce waste! We also believe that it's absolutely critical for our customers to know how to recycle our packaging so it enters the system correctly. All of our shot, single-serve, and multi-serve bottles can be recycled in most curbside programs.

To explore more about recycling the items that require store drop off, head to

Fun Fact: We were able to reduce the weight of our shot bottle plastic by 15% in 2022.

Social Responsibility

Our commitment to sustainability extends far beyond our brand alone. We’ve collaborated with over 30 like-minded organizations, such as Kiss The Ground, a nonprofit with a focus on educating individuals on regenerative practices. We also support Farmland Program, which offers soil health training, funding opportunities, educational resources, and more to farmers and ranchers.

Fun Fact: Our team contributed over 300 hours of community service in 2022!

Create a Greener Future, Together

When you take charge of your routine with nutrient-dense juices from Suja, you can do so with peace of mind—knowing our unwavering commitment to sustainability!

We also want to encourage you to join our efforts and perhaps, take note of a few ways you can help us preserve a cleaner and much greener planet. Whether it’s composting from home, or making a conscious effort to recycle, each and every action matters.