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By Suja Juice

Your Guide to Post-Holiday Detox

Let’s face it—mostly everyone indulges during the holiday season. Who can turn down an appetizing platter buzzing with herb-roasted turkey, rich gravy, sweet cranberry sauce, and beyond? There’s no reason why you have to feel a sense of guilt afterward either. But if you’re craving a little reboot and need a slight nudge to get back on track, you’ve come to the right place for your guide to post-holiday detox. Our motto at Suja is to Take Charge of You, especially with plant-powered sips that nourish your body. One of the most effective ways to do this is with our dietician-crafted cleanses and detoxes. Think of these as a catalyst to embracing a healthier diet. So if you’re ready to hit the reset button, keep on reading to find out which post-holiday detox option is right for you!

Suja 1-Day Detox Pack1-Day Detox

Perhaps you don’t have time for an extensive week cleanse, but you need an easy pick-me-up that packs a big punch… Enter our chef & dietician-crafted 1-Day Detox…. What You’ll Get:
  • 4 bottle “detox in a box” program (1 order includes (12) 16oz bottles, a total of (3) 1-Day programs...for you or to share with friends/family)
  • Each bottle contains our organic, cold-pressed juice blend
  • Ingredients include orange, lemon, green coffee bean extract, turmeric, dandelion root, and ginger
  • Meal Guided Plan and Juice Schedule

The Benefits:

  • Excellent source of antioxidant Vitamin C
  • Live probiotics & prebiotics to support gut health
  • Reboot back to your path of wellness
“Tried the 1-Day Detox for a quick reset after some overindulging and it didn't disappoint. The meal options were great and not restricting. I felt re-energized and refreshed. I've been able to continue working in the meal options and they've made a great addition to my daily routine. Will definitely be reaching for this the next time I need a reboot.” -Verified Buyer, Ana To take charge of your health and get back on the right track, Shop our 1-Day Detox Now!

3-Day Cleanse3-Day Cleanse

If you’re truly ready to uplevel your detox goals post-Thanksgiving and kickstart healthier habits for the long term, our 3-Day Cleanse is just for you. What You’ll Get:
  • 7 daily functional juices + 1 daily digestion shot (in total, 21 juices, and 3 shots)
  • Juices include: Digestion Shot, Vibrant Probiotic, Mighty Dozen, Uber Greens, Fuel, Celery Juice
  • Optional daily breakfast and snack recipes
  • Helpful tips on how to optimize your cleanse experience

The Benefits:

  • Feel refreshed and restored
  • Supports gut and immune health
  • Get back on the path of healthy habits
“This was my first time trying a cleanse - I wanted to get back on track after the holiday splurges I made sure to space the juices out over my day and I did NOT feel deprived or hungry at all. Great taste too!” -Verified Buyer, Cindy Get back on the path to healthy habits and Shop our 3-Day Cleanse Now!

Take Charge of Your Health During the Holidays

Don’t skip out on the delectable holiday grub. But stay proactive during the holidays and be prepared to get back on the right track. Here at Suja, we’ve made it easy for you to hit the reset button! Shop our 1-Day Detox Now and 3-Day Cleanse today to harness the power of plants and take charge of your health!