Juice Cleanse FAQ

  • What's the best time to order the cleanse from your website to fit into my ideal timing/plans?

    All online orders placed through our website are shipped from our home in San Diego, CA on a Suja Ship Day (Monday-Wednesday) via UPS 1-2 day. Our products are perishable, so we always ship them cold and with ice packs. Shipping on a Suja Ship Day helps ensure everything in your order shows up to you the way it's intended to be consumed - cold!

    For example, if are planning to start your cleanse on a Monday, you'll need to place your order online a week in advance (on the Monday a week before you want to start the cleanse). This ensure your cleanse will ship no later than Wednesday, meaning at the latest you'll receive your order the Friday before you wish to start your cleanse.

    If you have any questions about how to time your order correctly to make sure you're timing the shipping with your cleanse schedule correctly, please don't hesitate to reach out to info@sujajuice.com before placing your order.

    For more information or clarification on when and how we ship, visit our freight and package policies page.

    *Juice delivery dates subject to change in the event of a national holiday.

  • Does it really matter what order I drink the juices?
    The order in which you consume your juices affects how you absorb, assimilate, and digest nutrients. For example, when your stomach is empty first thing in the morning, it’s able to assimilate whatever you put in it much more than if you consumed something prior. We start with Digestion Shot, which has cayenne pepper to help jump start your metabolism, followed by a probiotic-packed juice. We also have a probiotic juice placed at the end, right before bed to support transient implantation of the probiotics and optimized benefits.
  • Will I be hungry on the program?
    Yes, you probably will feel some hunger in the first day or two. This is completely normal and should pass as your body acclimates to consuming liquids only. Our juice cleanse was designed with an optional breakfast option to add additional calories to your day to help with hunger. You can also add additional optional healthy snacks throughout the day if you're just plain hungry. The best snacks to consume are raw fruits and veggies, half an avocado, a baked sweet potato or broth-based soups.
  • What if I want to do a cleanse that is longer than 3 days?
    We’ve designed our cleanse for 3 days and we recommend consulting with your healthcare professional before beginning any kind of special diet or program, especially if you’d like to customize it in a way that works best for you.
  • Do I need to do any preparation before the program?
    It is recommended that you cut out alcohol, processed foods, excess salt, white flour and bread products, and refined sugar a day or two before the program and load up on fresh fruits and veggies. This will make the transition a lot easier and help jump start the process. We also recommend consulting with your healthcare professional before beginning any kind of nutritional program.
  • Are there any side effects to the Suja Cleanse program?
    Some people experience headaches, dizziness, fatigue, and moodiness. This is completely normal. Drink lots of water and get plenty of rest and know that you will soon be feeling much better.
  • Can I do the program if I am pregnant or nursing?
    We don’t recommend juice only diets while you are pregnant or nursing. You should consult your doctor.
  • Is it OK to exercise while on the program?
    Absolutely! Gentle to moderate exercise during the program is great- exercise supports the process. Just remember if you are doing heavy exercise that you need to consume more calories to balance it.
  • I’ve heard that our bodies naturally cleanse themselves. If this is true then why should I do the Suja Cleanse program?
    It's true that our bodies do cleanse naturally. However, by doing our Cleanse program, you not only give your body a break but you also bring balance and perspective back into your life and reposition yourself for a healthy lifestyle. Giving yourself a “reset” may help in establishing new baselines that your body uses to determine what’s normal. For example, after going through an added sugar detox you’ll likely be more sensitive to sugars and more in-tune to what your body really needs.
  • How will I feel on the program?
    While we hope that you feel great from the start, usually effects get worse before getting better. As best you can, take a “this too shall pass” mindset and increase the alkaline water to flush. We also recommend getting fresh air, walking, moving, and/or taking a hot bath. Use this as an opportunity to take care of yourself and tune in to what you need.
  • I don’t have much time, but I’d like to do the Suja Cleanse program. Is it useful to do it for just one day?
    Absolutely! One day can be very helpful. For some, a brief cleanse can be a confidence-building exercise that leads to healthier habits. Others might add one day a week ongoing. It’s ALWAYS good to add more fresh, ripe, organic, plant-based food and juices and if you only have 24 hours, you’ll still reap the benefits.
  • During the program can I have seltzer or sparkling water? Gum? Tea?
    We recommend consuming exclusively fruit and vegetable juices and plain, pure water. However, we understand that the program can be challenging and sometimes you just need a little something. The best option is to consume decaf herbal teas. Sparkling water is ok, as long as it has no added ingredients. Gum is not recommended as it usually contains chemicals. You should also try to avoid caffeinated products like coffee.
  • What do I eat when I finish the program?
    The first meals out of the program should be hydrating and light. Your digestive tract has been resting, so you don’t want to jolt it awake immediately. You want to slowly ease it back into operation. Blended smoothies, soups, and salads are all great choices. Re-introduce heavier proteins and higher fat foods slowly and one at a time over a couple days following your cleanse program.
  • What about juicing only until dinner? I have business dinners that I need to attend, and don’t want to seem anti-social.
    Many of us long-term juicers frequently "stay liquid" until dinner. Just make sure you drink enough food (blended) and juice (without fiber) so that when you sit down for dinner your hunger doesn't cause you to overeat. Most restaurants will also accommodate special diets. You can ask for a good bottled water (sans "gas"), a nice vegan soup, and a hefty salad (remember to ask them to add avocado, and other veggies you see on the menu or on the "sides"). Ask with a smile and you'll likely get a lovely, healthy meal that might even inspire your colleagues to do their own cleanse program!
  • I noticed your cleanse program has more sugar and carbohydrates than I normally consume. Is that healthy for me?
    Unlike added sugars like table sugar, agave or other sweeteners, fruits and vegetables contain natural sugars that are not linked to any adverse health effects. When you drink cold-pressured juice you are also absorbing the vitamins, minerals and enzymes from the fruit and vegetables. In fact, these foods are encouraged by health professionals due to their nutrient density. It is perfectly healthy to consume 108 grams of complex carbohydrates when you are doing our cleanse program since these carbohydrates will be your primary energy source throughout the program. Since no single food provides all of the nutrients your body needs, we recommend that you follow a balanced diet following our cleanse program and consult your healthcare professional.
  • Is the cleanse vegan?
    No. Although our cleanse does feature some vegan juices, it also features a product that contains honey (Vibrant Probiotic).
  • How often should I do your cleanse program?
    There is no definitive answer to this question as everyone's body is different. Some people follow our program when they feel their body needs to reset, while others will do a 3 day cleanse, monthly! (Check out our monthly subscription if this frequency is for you!) Once you complete the cleanse for the first time you will be able to get a feel for how your body responds. If you have any health concerns you should consult your physician.
  • Will I lose weight on the cleanse?
    Our 3-Day Cleanse was designed to help you get your overall diet back on track; to help you get over reliance on sugars and processed foods and help you develop healthy long term habits. While some people may lose weight, it's not a weight loss program (as everyone's body reacts differently).
  • Why did you update your 3-Day cleanse?
    Our cleanse program was recently revamped to refresh the products included. We wanted to update to make sure the cleanse was a functional as possible, and also add in some of our favorite beverages like Celery Juice, Digestion Shot, Vibrant Probiotic. The cleanse was created in partnership with a licensed naturopathic doctor and was specially formulated to ensure you get an adequate amount of calories and nutrients.
  • What is your cancellation & return/refund policy for the 3-Day Cleanse?

    We always do our best to kale it, but it for any reason we didn't... please let us know! Because our juice is perishable, we do not accept returns. However, we are committed to customer satisfaction and offer replacements/refunds when warranted. If you made an online order by mistake, we only offer cancellations/refunds for orders that have not yet shipped. Please reach out to info@sujajuice.com if you wish to modify an order you've placed before it ships or if you aren't completely satisfied with an order you've received!

    For subscriptions: if you wish to skip or cancel your monthly shipment, you can do so by logging into your online account or reaching out to subscriptions@sujajuice.com. Please note that we only offer cancellations/refunds for orders that have not yet shipped - if you fail to cancel your order before your monthly order ships, we will be unable to cancel the shipment and will not offer a refund in that case. We are only able to modify your future shipments.