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By Suja Juice

Three Times to Stretch During the Day!

Pictured: Hailey Transue, Suja Brand Ambassador
We’re taking a #juicebreak and incorporating daily activities into our routine that help us be fully aware and present of our thoughts while getting in tune with our bodies. For our Brand Ambassador @haileytransue, stretching is the perfect way to help her body relax and feel rejuvenated. Check out some of her fave stretches below! As we spring into May, I always love finding little things to add to my daily routine. Stretching has been a vital part of my life as a professional dancer. It allows the body to open up, rejuvenate and aids in productivity. So, let’s be mindful this May and join me in a little stretch session! Check out our IGTV for the full story.


How you begin your mornings is how you set yourself up for the rest of your day. I have found doing a little stretching opens me up for opportunity and allows me to be present. Mountain Pose into Backbend This combination is an easy way to get the body going and to keep you grounded. Take this time to set your intentions for the day. Cross Body Stretch A cross body stretch in the morning opens up your lumbar spine and is a way to bring movement into your entire body. Always take your time and listen to what your body needs. You never need to overdo a stretch. Just breathe! Cobra Pose This uplifting pose raises your mood and has always made me feel the best for my day


After a walk or an exciting in-home workout, stretching is important to keep your body limber and for rejuvenation. Too often, we do an epic workout but don’t properly allow our bodies to recover. I have found these next three stretches to help me get through the day and aid in recovery. Quad Stretch Your legs can get tight through the day, and especially after a workout, you’ll want to do this. If you’re looking for a little more push, feel free to take the stretch in a lunge position and reach for your back foot. This will target your hip flexor, as well as, your quadricep. Hamstring Stretch Not only does stretching this part of the body open up the backs of your legs, it can release a bit of lower back tension. Whether you’re at your desk or running marathons, a hamstring stretch should always be a part of your daily routine! Pretzel Twist We hold a lot of tension and pent up energy in our hips. A pretzel stretch is one of my personal favorites to open up the glutes. If you have been sitting for long periods of time, this is one I absolutely recommend!


Before you doze off, take some time for yourself and prep your body for sleep. Stretching before bed is a great way to release some tension and allow your body to relax into a deep meditative state. A lot of my dance classes happen from 8pm to 10pm... I know, don’t even get me started. Thus, I have found some stretches that allow me to combine a little meditation and set me up for relaxation. Ragdoll Stretch A Ragdoll stretch is EVERYTHING you need before bed. Use gravity and allow it to relax your body. Feel free to bring subtle movements in. Cactus Stretch I always enjoy doing a cactus stretch because it opens up the front of the body and increases shoulder flexibility. A lot of the times our posture can start to sink over from looking at our phone and being on our computers. Doing a cactus stretch is a nice and easy way to start to reverse these effects. Child’s Pose No matter what stretches you decide to do for your day or even how your day went, ending with a child’s pose is one of the nicest things you can do for your body. Use this time to reflect and rejuvenate your body Check out our IGTV for more tips and tricks on stretching! Follow us at @lovesuja.