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  • New Addition to My Daily Routine!

    “I've been adding this Organic Greens Powder to my mornings and I love it. It's a quick and easy way to improve my wellness and help ensure I get some key nutrients I might otherwise miss throughout the day. Would absolutely recommend!”

    RYAN F.

  • I would try this product again!

    “I just finished my 3-Day cleanse and it was amazing! I feel healthy and full of energy, I've lost weight in my face and body which I've been wanting to do. I would definitely recommend this product to my family and friends! Btw I am 51 years.”


  • Helps get rid of MY migraines within the hour.

    “I absolutely loves these shots. I will go days taking over the counter medication as well as prescribed migraine medicine and my migraines will not budge. After taking a shot my migraine is gone.”


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As long as the water is not boiling, the efficacy of the ingredients in Suja’s Organic Greens Powder will not change. However, we recommend enjoying this product with cool or room temperature water – or added to your favorite smoothie!