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By Suja Juice

How to DIY Face Masks! (No-sew and sew option)

Face masks are hard to come by nowadays but an essential part of social distancing and keeping healthy and safe. Check out these two ways to DIY face masks right at home. An easy bandana and hair tie option for when you need a face mask ASAP and a 7-Step option for those of you ready to pull out your sewing skills!

Our 7-Step DIY face mask option was kindly provided by our own Suja team member Sydney Parr, who individually made 250 face masks for the Suja staff. Sydney says "I figured I had the resources and skills to do something to help, so I did." We can't thank Sydney enough for her efforts and hard work to keep our community safe.

Be sure to tag @lovesuja if you create your own mask using either of these methods!

No-Sew Face Mask

Sew Method