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By Suja Juice

Show Kindness By Giving


“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” – Aesop

Have you ever gotten a simple compliment that made your day? Had the door held for you by a stranger when you were having a rough morning? Been allowed to merge onto the freeway during bumper to bumper traffic by a nice person leaving space for you? These small everyday acts are threads that, when woven together, make up the fabric of kindness. The small acts of kindness are really not small at all because they influence and inspire other human beings to be kind to one another and act for the good of someone else just because.

I know when someone shows me kindness, not only does it cheer me up and brighten my spirit, it makes me want to turn around and share that same kindness with others. This is no small effect.

A wonderful way to show kindness that may seem small is to give. Just because you may not be in the position to write a check for hundreds of thousands of dollars to a high profile charitable cause does not matter. The size of the contribution is irrelevant. The kindness expressed by giving your time, attention, or a few dollars and cents to any cause, organization, or person in need is what is really important.

The act of giving allows us to look outward beyond ourselves and remember we are all in this together.

At Suja, we created the Elements line with the goal of giving. We love making people feel good and affecting their lives for the better by creating products that elevate their health and inspire them to make better choices in all areas of their lives. Our customers allow us to do this by supporting us, and we wanted to show our gratitude by giving back and enabling them to share in that rewarding feeling.

We are extremely excited and grateful to have the ability to give 20 cents of every bottle to a different organization that means something to us! Now, you may be thinking 20 cents is no fat check, but that’s not what is important. The act of giving is what matters because it has an endless ripple effect that has power to change lives. Next time you go to your local Whole Foods to grab a drink, you can show kindness by grabbing a Suja Elements in a flavor that gives back to a cause that resonates with you. That 20 cents which may seem irrelevant or so small an amount you wouldn’t normally bother to give could mean the world to someone else. That 20 cents has a ripple effect that is powerful beyond measure. The more we show kindness and give to others, whether it’s 20 cents or 20 million dollars, the more we inspire others to give and elevate other beings.

To give is to show kindness and that is what life is about.

Thank you for giving and allowing us to give, - Annie