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By Suja Juice

Simple Ways to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

  1. Suja HolidayKeep moving! You've heard this before and that's because it works. Never underestimate the power of moving your body in reducing your stress and anxiety levels. When you expend yourself, your body releases built up tension and puts that energy into exertion. You are left with a calmer, cooler, more collected state of mind within minutes. (1) There's no need to do anything crazy, research shows a 30 minute brisk walk can do the trick. And don’t forget to rehydrate with water and nutrient rich juices instead of artificial sports drinks. (2)
  2. Baby yourself. If you aren't eating well, hydrating, and sleeping well, you will be much less equipped to take on the holiday frenzy. Don't make a busier schedule, family in town, parties, and the availability of junk food excuses to lose touch with what truly makes you feel good. If you don't feel your best, you won't look or do your best!
  3. Watch the alcohol. You can consume hundreds of calories without realizing it. And the more you drink, the less aware you become. (3) I avoid holiday sugary drinks at all costs and always bring stevia sweetened Suja Lemon Love to mix with vodka instead. Other great choices are soda water and citrus.
  4. Think before you eat. This one seems simple, but most of us are so used to reacting to our sensory desire for food that we grab a quick fix and make less than optimal choices. The same way people with a food allergies must consider a food and how it will make them feel before eating it- so should you. Start doing this and it will become second nature. A helpful tip is taking a juice with you and making sure you are filled up with that first and hydrated before walking into the danger zone.
  5. Make a holiday calendar. Schedule in your workouts, events, parties, and tasks. By making your schedule work for you, you can accomplish more of what you want to do without thinking about it. And remember- you don’t have to say yes to every holiday event and invitation that rolls your way. Focus your energy on the events that are most important to you and enjoy them more.
  6. Plan ahead. Don't count on all of your holiday parties having healthy options. Plan ahead and bring your own deliciously nutritious snacks. Your friends and family will probably thank you for it!
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