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By Suja Juice

Suja Spring Cleaning

Outside the flowers are blooming and birds are chirping… Spring is in full swing! Every year around this time, we try to tidy up our home, but we should try to do the same with ourselves as well! Here’s my version of a mini "spring cleaning" for your body – some super simple swaps to help you eat and drink healthier all year long.

  1. Do you always add mayo? If so, try hummus instead! Containing protein, vitamins and health boosting unsaturated fats, it’s a waist-synching option that mixes well with just about anything. I use it in my tuna or salmon salad, coleslaw, sandwiches and wraps… basically anywhere I’d use mayo!
  2. Sweet tooth? Reach for dried or fresh fruit with a few nuts or seeds instead of candy. Your body is probably craving sugars, and while you still shouldn’t have the whole bag of dried fruit, unsulfured dried fruit with no sugar added can provide that fructose you fancy with some extra nutrients as well. The protein, fiber and healthy fats in the nuts or seeds will help stabilize blood sugars so your energy doesn’t go through the roof and then quickly crash like it would if you were to eat candy.
  3. Are french fries your downfall? If so, opt for sweet potato or zucchini fries instead (ideally baked). They’re super easy to make at home and contain vitamin A which supports our vision. Baking them will reduce the unhealthy fats that we would normally get from fried food, but still satisfy with their crunch.
  4. "Is butter a carb?" While butter isn’t terrible for you in limited amounts, try using heart-healthy avocado as a swap. We know it’s super delicious on toast, but get creative with other swaps too. When making brownies with butter for example, try using avocado as the fatty ingredient. Avocado chocolate mousse is heavenly!
  5. Speaking of carbs... when you get that carb craving, go for spaghetti squash, squash noodles, or pasta made from lentils or black beans! They will provide more nutrients and protein than plain ol’ pasta and satisfy that craving too.
  6. White rice? Use another other whole grain or seed like protein packed quinoa, millet, amaranth... get creative with loads of other options.
  7. Pre-packaged foods for on-the-go? Try to pre-pack in small baggies your own trail mix using various nuts and seeds, with dark chocolate chips or cacao nibs and raisins instead. Place them in your car, purse, desk, etc., and reap the benefits of so much less sugar and unhealthy fats (not to mention other hidden chemicals).
  8. Screaming for ice cream? While there are healthier options in stores, blend a few bananas and soaked cashews with whatever flavor you’re craving (and maybe even sprinkle in some hemp seeds or chia for an extra superfood kick) and you’ve got the feeling of ice cream in a super healthy alternative!
  9. Craving carbonation? Step aside soda. Pour yourself some mineral water and add some crushed raspberries or a squeeze of lemon or lime. Taking out all the sugar and still getting that effervescent enjoyment with a bit of flavor (and vitamins too!). Mix up your recipes and try mint, cucumber, strawberry, peach - you name it!
  10. Lastly, if you're craving juice... stay away from anything that has been processed, too concentrated, or with any added sugars. Always look for Organic, Non-GMO, Cold-Pressed options that retain essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Like Suja Juice, perhaps ;)
Cheers to a happy and healthy Spring!