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By Sam Swensen

8 Amazing Sources of Antioxidants

eight sources of antioxidant foods including prunes and green teaAntioxidants are compounds that may protect our cells from highly reactive molecules called “free radicals.” Free radicals are molecules that can form as the result of normal body processes or through harmful environmental exposures such as cigarette smoke or radiation. (1) These unstable molecules can damage our body’s cells and DNA, and may play a role in the development of heart disease and other chronic conditions. Our bodies use antioxidants to neutralize these reactive free radicals before they can cause damage to our cells. (1) You can find a wide range of antioxidants in whole fruits and vegetables, but here are a few of my favorite antioxidant foods that are easy to incorporate into any diet (OK, except maybe prunes!):


You can get 7,291 antioxidants in just 1/2 a cup of prunes. (2)


Just 1 cup contains half of your daily recommendation of Vitamin C. (2)


Just 1oz is loaded with antioxidants and is low in sodium and sugar. (2)


Just a cup of strawberries is bursting with fiber and 149% of your daily recommended Vitamin C. (2)

Wild Blueberries

1 cup provides 13,427 total antioxidants. (2)

Green Tea

Contains high concentrations of catechin polyphenols to heighten levels of fat oxidation. (3)


Contain quercetin, anthocyanins and other powerful phytonutrients. (2)


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