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By Suja Juice

Dr. Praeger's Launches New Veggie Tracker

National Eat Your Vegetables Day might be over but that doesn’t mean we should stop celebrating! Making sure you’re getting your daily dose should be a goal worth working towards. While you may be eating veggies in a salad, green juice, or as a side are you actually meeting the daily recommended serving? The USDA recommends consuming 3 cups a day and nearly nine out of ten Americans aren’t meeting that recommended serving. Our friends over at Dr. Praeger’s are launching a 7-Day Veggie Tracker to make it super easy to meet. Whether you’re trying to eat healthier, focus on weight or just be more conscious of your intake...this tool is the perfect way to get started. Enter the Veggie Tracker - A free tool that launches today. You can join by simply making an account and logging in to record the veggies you’ve eaten. The tracker shows personalized progress on a daily and ongoing basis. This online tool also provides other resources such as tips, recipes, and motivation along the way. The benefits don’t stop there, everyone who signs up receives: -A free e-book packed with helpful resources to embrace the veggie life -Daily reminders and motivation to hit 3 cups a day -Private Facebook group access for advice and inspiration from nutritionists and fellow veggie trackers -A seven day meal plan to help users take the guesswork out of getting 3 cups a day. As a brand that loves all things plants, veggies are no exception and we are excited to be partnering with Dr. Praeger’s to support the launch of this new tool. Bonus point: Be one of the first 500 to register for the Veggie Tracker and receive a swag package. To learn more or sign up follow the link below and start tracking! Learn More