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By Amie Suwito

Reasons To Love Watermelon

We love summer fruits and this year we’re all about watermelon! But wait, is it a fruit or a vegetable? The answer is that it can actually be considered both a fruit (grows from a seed) and a vegetable (cucumber / squash relative)! Whether you consider it a fruit or a vegetable, no backyard BBQ is complete without a thick slice of juicy watermelon, or a simple and awesome watermelon feta salad. Aside from the sweet, refreshing taste, what else is there to love about this magical fruit-vegetable? Lots! Check out all the delicious benefits of watermelon:


Made up of about 90% water, it’s no surprise that watermelon keeps you hydrated which can also help you feel full. (3)

Vitamin A

Watermelon is a source of beta-carotene which is converted into vitamin A which helps eyes stay healthy. (2)

Vitamins C and E

These 2 vitamins found in watermelon are important in the production of collagen, which is vital for keeping your skin smooth and healthy. (3)


Watermelon competes with tomatoes for high lycopene levels! Lycopene is important for cardiovascular and bone health. The largest increase in lycopene content occurs when the watermelon changes from a white-pink color to deep pink-red so eat your watermelons ripe! (1)


An amino acid found in watermelon, has been shown to help relieve muscle soreness after exercise. (4)


Since our bodies can’t produce antioxidants, those found in watermelon can help neutralize harmful free radicals. (4)


Watermelon is an alkaline-forming food which can help counteract high-acid foods like meat, eggs and dairy. (2) Check out our new cold-pressed watermelon juice, Watermelon Whim, featuring fermented lemongrass and a hint of lime for a crisp and clean taste! SOURCES: