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By Annie Lawless

The Skinny on Healthy Fats


(Originally posted on Annie's personal blog, Blawnde) I LOVE FATS! Love them! They’re my #1 Stunner. Many years ago I ditched grains and and replaced them with nourishing, lubricating, fat burning, health promoting, skin and hair beautifying fats and it changed my life. You can read a bit more about this over at Well + Good NYC.

I have Celiac’s which means when I consume gluten my body goes code red alert and breaks out into this nasty autoimmune rash called eczema. I figured this out early in life and was able to learn tons and tons of incredibly valuable info on how to improve malabsorption of nutrients as a result of a damaged gut lining from years of gluten consumption.

Through a lot of trial and error, I discovered the wonder of fats and the terror of grains (including the G-frees, peeps). Not only are grains pretty hard on the digestive system, they can cause a pretty severe insulin reaction and elicit other hormonal responses that promote fat storage.

(1) Replacing grains with fats helped lubricate and nourish my digestive tract vs. tearing it up in its already compromised state, and I noticed my skin, hair, and sleep all improve dramatically.

(2) My diet now consists of fats galore and the cool part is I don’t worry a thing about calories despite eating a lot because my body just knows what to do with the foods I eat – digest, assimilate, and eliminate. When you eat crap that irritates your body, it can’t do those 3 things properly, and you store it. Waste = weight. Shocker, I know. I also rarely feel hungry or need to snack between meals because I eat 3 high fat meals and it makes me full and satisfied.

I will occasionally have a little quinoa or raw gluten free oats when the mood strikes, but they aren’t my main squeezes because they just don’t make me feel my best or digest as seamlessly and perfectly as fats. Even better, a slew of credible studies have been done in recent years proving saturated fats, like coconut oil and ghee, do not increase risk of vascular or heart disease.

(2) I totally recommend trying to phase out grains and replace them with fats! But remember, not all fats are created equal. Check out our guide to healthy oils to learn more.

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