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By Suja Juice

3 Low-Cal Holiday Cocktails You'll Actually Want to Drink

Suja Winter Wonderland White RussianSuja was featured in Byrdie's December article titled "3 Low-Cal Holiday Cocktails You'll Actually Want to Drink"! "In our humble opinion, no holiday party would be complete without an abundance of free-flowing cocktails. The greatest virtue of holiday drinks, however, is also their problem: namely, their sugary-sweet goodness. To help you indulge without the next-day hangover (or extra calories), we spoke with Annie Lawless, co-founder of cold-pressed juice company and asked her to share three "skinny" versions Of our favorite holiday cocktails. Keep scrolling for three yummy, low-calorie pressed cocktail recipes—cheers to that!" Get all 3 recipes and see the full article here.