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By Suja Juice

AdWeek: Fans Clamoring for a Drink Made of Charcoal

Midnight TonicAdWeek recently featured the launch of Suja's limited edition Activated Charcoal lemonade, Midnight Tonic. The article highlights the beverage as a popular drink amongst health-conscious celebrities with active social media. The article includes video footage from Eva Longoria's snapchat story showing visuals of the product and her reaction to the taste. It also mentions that Kristin Cavallari and Jesse McCartney shared the beverage over their social following. CMO, Heather MacNeil Cox is directly quoted in the article, mentioning that the influencers who were outreached to have been organic fans of the brand since the beginning.

"But more than the FOMO, the mystery, the brand value and the harmless ingredients list, Suja attributes the success to its focus on the people that fuel it—a critical element whose value is sometimes lost when hype is on your side."

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