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By Suja Juice

Prevention Online: Drinking Vinegars - both trendy and good for you!

screen-shot-2016-09-29-at-10-36-05-amSuja Drinking Vinegars were recently featured in Prevention Online's "Are Those Trendy New Drinking Vinegars Actually Good For You?" The article highlights Suja's Drinking Vinegars for their fun fruit and herbal flavors and great taste as well as their great nutritional and probiotics content. "If you're a kombucha lover (i.e. you're into strong, tart, tangy, bitter flavors), or just looking for something a bit unconventional, you will probably love these. Many drinking vinegars come in fun fruit and herbal flavors, like Suja's strawberry-balsamic, peach-ginger, and lemon-cayenne. Click here for the full review: Prevention Online