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By Suja Juice

The Most Creative People in Business

Suja Juice EntrepeneurCEO Jeff Church was featured in Entrepreneur's April cover story titled, "The Most Creative People in Business." He was included in good company, the article also features: David Hayes of Tumblr, Mike Byrne of Anomaly, Chef and Restaurateur Michael Mina and Michael Kantrow of Makeable, among others. The story compiles a series of habits and tips from “inventive people in business”, and Jeff’s quote concerning the importance of collaboration can be found under #5 Work Together: "Collaboration here is not hierarchy-based or level-based. You don't have to worry about what your superior says. You walk into a room and everybody checks their egos at the door. Once we're in the same room, we're all equal. Even though I'm the CRO, we try to encourage an environment where someone two rungs down from me will be comfortable challenging me. Ours is a culture of 'Let it out.' Still, it is a fine line between challenging others and going too far. We always try to be respectful. We try to understand the difference between words that hurt and words that heal. When you're collaborating, your choice of words can make all the difference." Cheers, Suja Juice