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By Suja Juice

Well+Good: Drinking Vinegars to be Fall's Buzziest Wellness Beverage

screen-shot-2016-09-19-at-1-31-41-pmWell+Good recently featured Suja's Drinking Vinegars as "Fall's Buzziest Wellness Beverage." Suja's health and wellness expert, Dr. Zelana Montminy is directly quoted in the article, mentioning that consumers are more likely to make Apple Cider Vinegar a part of their long-term healthy habits if it tastes good. "“It’s hard to keep up with doing a shot of ACV every day because it doesn’t taste great,” says Dr. Zelana Montminy, Suja’s health and wellness expert. “You’re more likely to make it a healthy habit long-term if you’re drinking it in a way that actually tastes good.” The brand rolled out five flavors this fall, ranging from cucumber ginger to hibiscus ancho chile (all organic and with added probiotics, for a gut-friendly boost)." Get the full recap here: Well+Good