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Cancellation & Change Policy

We strive to provide prompt and efficient service to our customers. Therefore, we can only accept order changes or cancellations for unprocessed orders. Once an order has been processed, we are unable to cancel the shipment, and no refund will be offered in such cases. We encourage our customers to thoroughly review their purchase and shipping addresses before completing their order.  

For customers with subscription orders, you have the flexibility to skip, modify, or cancel your recurring shipments. To do this, simply log into your online account before your order has been processed. We send an email notification two days prior to your next scheduled shipment to inform you of the upcoming subscription order processing. We only accept order changes or cancellations for orders that have not been processed. If you fail to cancel your order before it is processed, we will be unable to cancel the shipment and will not offer a refund in that case. We are only able to modify your future shipments. For assistance with an unprocessed order, please reach out to

Please note that order processing times and shipment/delivery dates are subject to change in the event of a national holiday or during other high demand periods.