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Welcome to Your

6-Day Detox Program

We are so excited you
decided to reset with us. 

Here to help guide and transform you through your daily wellness journey. 

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Mindset Plan

This plan was carefully designed with a Mindset Mentor to enhance your mind-body connection, increase motivation and boost mindfulness.

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Meal Plan

Crafted by a Registered Dietitian, the Detox Meal Plan is filled with nourishing breakfast, lunch, dinner AND snack recipes! We wanted to provide a routine for you that not only helps you detox naturally, but also feeds and nourishes your body with an abundance of nutrient dense healing foods.

Pick your recipes and grab those groceries early for a smooth 6-day detox prep.

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Juice Plan

A daily schedule including 1 Celery Juice, 1 Mighty Dozen Green Juice and 2 Detox Shots was constructed to help detoxify while adding in nutrients your body craves.

Nourishing your body to feel good is a consistent practice. To help you keep that consistency & routine after your Detox Program, we're providing you with an additional 8 Detox Shots to use over the following 8 days!

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About Us:

Ouer Own

We're Michelle & Alissa, the founders of OUER OWN, a holistic coaching + lifestyle wellness practice that focuses on cultivating a community of individuals looking to shift into the best version of themselves physically, emotionally, and mentally. 

Michelle is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist + Mindset Coach and Alissa is a Certified Life Coach + Self Development Mentor. We are two sisters who have been side by side for our entire lives, but have each had to work through different blocks & barriers to become the healers & mentors we are today.

Our mission is to collapse that timeline for you and provide actionable tools & methods that genuinely create lasting change!

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