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By Suja Juice

Fall Into Your New Workout Routine

What does a new season mean for you? Now that we’re knee-deep into Fall, this might mean a subtle change of pace. Perhaps you slow down and relish in the simple moments: cozying up by the fireplace with a juicy novel, wrapping up in a warm scarf, admiring the crimson-colored leaves outside, or drinking a soothing tea. We also know that when colder weather whirls in, our daily activities usually change too, including our workout routines. If you’re looking to switch up your normal physical activities this Fall, plus take charge of your routine with workout essentials, we have you covered!

Fall 2022 Workout Ideas

It’s easy to default to the most popular workouts, which might include a casual walk around the block, a quick 5K, or a CrossFit class, but consider mixing it up a bit and trying these Fall workout ideas that vary in intensity.


Hike + Cycle

We always love an outdoor Fall fitness challenge! We suggest downloading the “AllTrails” app to find local hikes near you. Bring your bike to do a little cruise uphill to give your metabolism a little nudge. If you’re lucky, you might enjoy the autumn colors and foliage around you. Post-hike/cycle, make sure to replenish those nutrients with our Elevated Nutrients: Recovery Blue TropicAloe—the ultimate blue-blend recovery drink. This electrolyte-boosted beverage is packed with aloe & ginseng and highlights refreshing flavors profiles of coconut water, pineapple, and passionfruit! “My go-to drink for heavy cardio-based workouts (MMA, hiking, snowboarding) will always be the TopicAloe Recovery as it rehydrates my body with natural electrolytes from coconuts!” -Chris, Field Marketing Manager- Denver

Kettlebell Workouts

According to The Telegraph, kettlebell workouts became the latest strength-training trend during the pandemic, actually causing shortages. So why did kettlebells become so explosively popular? Not only can you swing a kettlebell from the comfort of your own home, but it checks several boxes—strengthening your cardiovascular endurance, abs, hips, and more. After this more intense workout training with kettlebells, make sure you find an effective way to recover with our new Recovery Athletic Shot. This mighty little organic shot is a chef-crafted blend of organic, cold-pressed tart cherry, beet, and ginger, specifically designed for muscle recovery. It’s also loaded with an excellent source of immune-supporting Vitamin C. “For the days that I need muscle recovery (i.e. strength training & calisthenics), I drink the Recovery Athletic Shot to reduce inflammation and ward off soreness to keep my workout training regimen top-notch!” - Chris, Field Marketing Manager- Denver

Yin Yoga

Instead of an intense yoga flow, you might want to find a practice that’s a tad more introspective and calming this Fall, such as Yin Yoga. This movement calls for “sinking” into your positions more and holding them longer (around 3-5 minutes per pose). Although you might find Yin Yoga to be relaxing, you’ll simultaneously strengthen your muscles too.

Tai Chi

In the same vein as “Yin Yoga,” this moving meditation is fluid, but it also calls for intense balance and strength. Tai Chi is a convenient “stress-relieving” at-home workout that might improve your overall posture, heart health, and even be a mood booster. If you’re craving to find a deep connection to your body this Fall, Tai Chi is a must-try.

Fall Into Your New Workout Routine with Suja

As we find comfort in this new season, make sure you’re establishing a new workout routine that “feels good” for you. Listen to your body. Remain intuitive. Find ways to take charge of your wellness and let Suja help you achieve those goals! Make sure to pick up our Fall workout essentials and use our product locator to find Suja products at stores near you.