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By Annie Lawless

Top 5 Juicing Myths

I can get pretty frustrated in my own quest for diet and nutrition information because a lot of credible experts say completely opposite things. I’ve read books that make complete sense to me and just as I’m about to incorporate those principles into my dietary philosophy, the next book I read completely contradicts my new information. But the second book makes so much sense to me too! Meat/no meat, grains/no grains, fruit/no fruit…ahhh! What’s a person to do? Juice cleanses are no exception and so I give you the juicing facts on the top 5 myths I hear about juice cleanses:

1. Juicing Myth: I will lose 20lbs in 3 days on a Juice cleanse.

FACT: This is just not possible. Yes, you may lose weight on a juice cleanse because you are taking in fewer calories than usual, but you will not shed all the extra weight you’ve been dying to lose and keep it off forever. Juice cleansing is not a quick fix. It is a way to help your body reset your taste buds and hunger cues. You will probably feel lighter, brighter, and refreshed, but having a massive weight loss expectation before starting a cleanse is setting yourself up for failure.

2. Juicing Myth: If I'm not starving, I'm not cleansing.

FACT: Most often, you will feel hungry at some points throughout your juice cleanse. This does not mean you must feel hungry for it to be effective. It is not unusual for hunger to dissipate and to feel more energized since your body is not busy digesting. Lack of hunger just means your body is busy with other things.

3. Juicing Myth: Cleanses are SOOOOO hard!

FACT: This is definitely not the case! In fact, doing a juice cleanse can make your life a lot easier for a few days because you don't have to worry about food planning, shopping, prepping, and cooking. Everything you need arrives in your Suja box ready to go. It is common to feel like you must block out 3 days completely in order to tackle a cleanse, but that's just not true. You can still meet friends for coffee and have an herbal iced tea, still go out for meals and order a plate of steamed veggies or salad with lemon and apple cider vinegar for dressing and bring a juice, and still exercise - trade your 5 mile runs for restorative yoga classes. Engage those around you by telling them what you're doing so they can support your efforts.

4. Juicing Myth: It's ok to eat crappy and do juice cleanses to "fix it."

FACT: No, no, and noooooo! The function of a juice cleanse is to re-set the body, give it a break, and become aware of your hunger cues and eating habits. A juice cleanse is not a quick fix for weeks or months of poor eating. It took you that long to start feeling bad so it will not be erased in 3 days. It is extremely important to consistently follow balanced nutrition habits in order to be healthy. Occasional treats are no problem, but a juice cleanse is not to be mistaken for an easy way out of the effects of eating crappy food.

5. Juicing Myth: I have to follow the juice cleanse exactly or it's a fail.

FACT: Au contraire! A juice cleanse is a failure if you force your body to do something it doesn't want to do and don't enjoy the process. Every person is different and some people may simply need some grub. That's totally ok. There are safe options for cleansers who are too hungry to consume juice only but want to support their cleanse process and stay in the game. Organic fruits and veggies, avocados, brothy soups, smoothies, and salads with lemon and apple cider vinegar dressings are all fine choices to add into your cleansing regimen between juices or at meal times. You should feel energized, content, and light on a cleanse and not angry, bitter, and weak. Listen to your body and adjust accordingly. Well, I hope that helps clear the air now that you have the real juicing facts! The most important thing is to always be your own authority when it comes to your health. Be a scientist. Investigate. Research. Experiment. Nobody knows your body like you do! Suja Juice