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By Suja Juice

Welcome to Suja!

SujaAnnie_grandeWelcome to the Suja blog! At Suja, we are a team of dedicated, juice loving, plant passionate people who infuse our love of what we do into each and every bottle we make.

My Background

My name is Annie, and I’m one of the founders. I began juicing as a teenager. I dove headfirst into alternative health books and soaked up information about the different \properties of natural foods. Seeing the direct correlation between changing my diet and feeling better was an eye opening experience for me. I juiced every morning to make sure I was flooding my body with enzymes, chlorophyll, and concentrated green nutrition. I just loved the way it made me feel. Everything improved!

The Start of Something Delicious

In 2010, I moved from Arizona to San Diego to attend law school and quickly realized law was not what I wanted to do at all. I became very down and stressed out. I started feeling physically ill as a result of feeling weighed down by doing something everyday I was not passionate about. I left law school and began working at a yoga studio where I met Eric. Eric is a raw food chef, juice genius, surf lover, master of herbs, and my best friend. He showed up to a yoga class with juice he had cold-pressed at home and brought in a recycled glass bottle. I took my homemade juice to work everyday and was sitting at the front desk of the studio drinking my juice when he walked up drinking his. We immediately struck up conversation about juice and instantly became friends. Our shared passion for juice and knowledge of the benefits of cold pressing led us to work on new blends together and create a juice product nutritionally far superior to those found in juice shops which are extracted centrifugally.

Suja is Sprung

As the demand grew locally, more and more new clients became interested. One of those clients, James Brennan, owns several San Diego restaurants including Searsucker, Burlap, Herringbone, Gingham, and Gabardine. He saw the benefits of consuming cold pressed juice. He knew he wanted to spread Suja’s reach and came on board immediately. Soon after, Jeff Church, a Harvard MBA grad with a keen business sense and knowledge of the beverage industry as owner of Nika Water joined Suja as our CEO. This Midwest raised meat and potatoes guy was hesitant to drink green juice at first, but took one sip and fell in love. He knew if he could love it, we must have something special. From there, the team has grown to include our dearest friends and family who share the same passion and love for pure, organic juice, health, and wellness.

Suja Today

These days, you can find Suja in select Whole Foods Markets and several other natural retailers throughout the country. You can also order right here through our site to have Suja delivered right to your door fuss free. We feel truly blessed to do what we love and create a product that helps you feel and look your best. Enjoy! XO Annie & Suja Juice