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By Amy Burgess

Recipe for a Balanced Summer

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 5.09.11 PMThe key to a healthy lifestyle is balance. We’re throwing a challenge your way to make Summer 2016 the best yet! From daily water intake, to getting outside and taking advantage of the summer sunshine, we have teamed up with Jaimee Myers & Heather Robertson, co-owners of Pure Barre The Woodlands & Pure Barre Hughes Landing to create this perfect summertime recipe just for you!

* Recipe for a Healthy Summer Day* Ingredients:
  • 10,000 steps
  • 90 oz. of water
  • 55 minutes of Pure Barre class
  • 30 minutes outside
  • 15 minutes of chatting with a friend
  • 1 Suja Juice
  • 0-1 Sweets


  1. Switch up your steps! Walk your dog, lace up and go for a run or take the stairs instead of the elevator. When the weekends finally arrive, head outside and explore your city!
  2. Stay hydrated by taking your fav water bottle with you everywhere you go! Add some lemon, cucumber or berries to infuse some extra flavor.
  3. Find a Pure Barre studio near you! If you’re having trouble staying on track, head to class with a friend to keep each other accountable.
  4. Get outside every day and soak up some vitamin D!
  5. Reach out to the ones you love. We all get busy, and it is important to close your laptop and put down your phone to chat with your friends face to face.
  6. Supplement your nutrition by sipping on some Suja!
  7. Keep your summer sweet and beat the heat with a nice treat in moderation.
Exercise, explore, fun and sun. Enjoy your healthy summer day!