NEW Detox Juice Cleanse Now Available!

By Zelana Montminy

Shedding for the Wedding

wedpack4 squareHi Everyone! I’m Dr. Zelana Montminy and am so excited to work alongside Suja as their Health & Wellness Expert! I’ve been a huge fan of Suja since the beginning and have partnered with them to help facilitate my goal of redefining wellness and encouraging people to filter through the truths behind false assumptions in the health, wellness and nutrition worlds. I strongly believe that what we eat is intrinsically connected to how we feel, which is why I’ve created four different Suja Juice variety packs for helping you stay healthy and hydrated for different occasions! As we head into the summer months, wedding season is definitely upon us. Whether you’re in the bridal party, parents of the soon-to-be newlyweds, a wedding guest or just a “plus one,” we all know planning a wedding can be stressful and we’ve got your brides covered with six juices for their every need!
  • Master Cleanse: Hits the restart button to start things off! Lemon juice with vitamin C is great for the skin and cayenne pepper will jumpstart your metabolism.
  • Glow: The mint in this juice reduces bloating and helps digestion. Celery juice aids digestion too, can help control gas (which we seriously want to avoid in a wedding dress, clearly) and decreases fluid retention which can further cause bloating and swelling. All the greens infuse your body with much needed nutrients too!
  • Revive: The cucumber in this juice keeps you hydrated and fights post-workout swelling and inflammation (when you're sweating for the wedding!). Lemongrass can calm the digestive track and reduce bloating, while pineapple juice is hydrating and great for your skin with vitamin C.
  • Purify: The key ingredient in this juice is beets! They improve blood flow in the body which will help with skin radiance, and also help maintain a healthy blood pressure level which is definitely elevated with all the pre-wedding stress!
  • Twelve Essentials: The ginger in this juice has a multitude of benefits, most importantly reducing inflammation, which is good to keep in mind for potential post-cry puffy eyes! It also aids in digestion (reduces bloating) - keeping you looking your best on your big day!
  • Blue Dream: Chia seeds in this juice improve energy and hydration and help balance your mood because they contain fatty acids important to mood regulation (goodbye bridezilla!). Lucuma, the South American superfruit, is a powerful health booster. It can help maintain healthy blood sugar levels, while also curbing cravings!
Add these Classic juices to your cart for your bride-to-be or use Suja’s Product Locator to find each flavor in a store near you! Pop them in a basket for the perfect bridal shower gift, just be sure to keep them cold! Enjoy! And stay tuned for more Suja variety packs!