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By Suja Juice

Summer Recovery 101

Bottles of Suja

We hope this fourth of July was full of soaking in the sun, enjoying some great cocktails and eating like there was no tomorrow! The celebration doesn’t have to stop there, now that Summer is upon us that means barbecues, county fairs, socializing and eating amazing food! We’re totally here for it and believe it’s all about having balance. After having a jam packed day it is necessary to reset and recharge to get your system back on track. Our juices offer a variety of functional properties sure to get you feeling back to your best self.

Need a small dose to put some pep in your step? Our shots are the perfect go to after a night out. We offer 3 amazing options: Immunity, Digestion, and Energy and all three pack a mighty punch. Each combination of ingredients creates a unique formula to help restore and regulate after any occasion!

Treating yourself by enjoying great food should not come with consequences. Our probiotic juices are great for gut health and ensuring you are restored. Try our Vibrant Probiotic, a sweet blend packed with 2 billion CFU’s of probiotics. A true fan favorite, you’ll forget how great it is for you and be completely blown away by how amazing it tastes.

Forget the coffee after a long day. Instead grab one of our Organic Energy Juices fueled with organic caffeine. Our two flavors, Berry Buzz and Tee’d Up, will have you coming back for more without any jitters or mid-day crashes. The Summer sun may be a bit draining but recharging with organic energy will help you power through the rest of the day.

Hydration is key and our Love Line will help you stay refreshed with our functional lemonade blends. Our Lemon Love screams Summer and with a hint of cayenne pepper, it’s the perfect treat for those warmer days. With only 1 gram of sugar per serving, it’s the perfect guilt-free juice.

We couldn’t forget about our classic green juice for recovering after a Summer day. Our Uber Greens is a functional blend of leafy greens that will help you get in some much-needed vitamins and nutrients. Gulp your greens and be prepared to feel restored.

To see where you can pick up any of the juices mentioned head over to the Suja website and use the Find Us tab to see which retailers need you carry our products!