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By Sarah Tweed

10 Plant Based Products We Love

We’re absolutely bananas over all things plants! Well how couldn’t we be.. as firm believers in Plant Power we want everyone else to know the magic these babies harness. That’s why we’re raving over some our Suja fam’s fav plant based products and sharing all their goodness with you.

NuttZo Nut and Seed Butter

We’re nuts about NuttZo! This nut butter and seed butter takes it to the next level. It combines a total of 7 types of seed and nut butters (Yes, you heard that right!) to create the most delicious blend. Jason Polinsky, Suja’s head of category Strategy & Business Insights says NuttZo is “a nut blend that’s super clean and tastes amazing.” Aside from being an amazing product and San Diego brand, NuttZo also gives back through their Project Left Behind where every sale of NuttZo supports providing food, medical needs, supplies and tuition to over 200 children in Peru, Nepal, and India.

Vega Protein Powder

We have major protein fans in the office and Vega’s plant based protein powder has become a staple in our pantries. Vega focuses on using ingredients with a purpose and for them that means “fueling you with real, plant-based food ingredients that help you live like you mean it.” They are perfect for adding into smoothies or shakes after a workout. Jackie Walton, Suja’s Consumer Relations Manager had this to say about Vega: “They are not chalky or artificial tasting like most other protein powders I’ve tried and I love that I’m getting plant-based protein, greens and probiotics in every serving.”

Herbivore Botanicals Lapis Oil

Skincare is a must for our crew and plant based products couldn’t fall short in that category. Herbivore Botanicals is a fav and just as plant obsessed as we are, I mean come’s in their name. Their Lapis Facial Oil is great for after cleansing and toning your skin and (BonusPoints) is meant for all skin types! Chantel Nicastro, Suja’s Purchasing Specialist says “I love that you can get so many great benefits derived from plants instead of chemicals. I use the Lapis oil at night and when I wake up my face is extremely hydrated and feels so soft.”

Daiya Margherita Pizza

We couldn’t do a “products we love” post without including pizza. It seriously deserves to be its own food group at this point. With so many different options we have to go with a true favorite, Daiya’s Margherita Pizza. This plant based pizza is completely guilt free and the real deal. Kat Bethmann, Suja’s Marketing Communications Manager says “ This pizza is seriously so good. It tastes no different than traditional pizza - you get the same gooey, melty effect and taste that you’d get from cheese on a pizza - but this pizza is completely dairy and gluten free!”

Primally Pure Lavender Complexion Mist

Another San Diego brand we love is Primally Pure - they have some amazing plant-powered products in their lineup and their Lavender Complexion Mist is a skincare essential that should be in everyones’ bag. This plant based mist soothes irritated and inflamed skin while leaving it hydrated. Kat Bethmann, Suja’s Marketing Communications Manager says “I keep this little bottle of facial mist in my purse at all times. It’s the perfect refreshing spritz that I use as a makeup setting spray in the morning, but also throughout the day when my face needs a little fresh pick me up or I just need a whiff of soothing lavender when I’m stressed. Plus it smells like a spa in a bottle...yes please!”

Elmhurst Plant Milks

We love juice but we’re also big fans of milk and Elmhurt’s is a must try if you’re looking for a plant based option. With over 11 different kinds available you’re sure to find one you like best! They are super creamy and perfect for adding to coffee, smoothies or really anything you’d like to have along with milk. Bella Tumini, Suja’s Senior Brand Manager says “They’re delicious and offer milk plant based ingredients like walnuts and hazelnuts (YUMMM)”

GoMacro Macrobars

Protein bars are perfect for on the go and when you need a quick pick me up! That’s why GoMacro’s Macrobars are our favorite in the office. Made with 100% plant based ingredients these bars come in so many flavors and are healthy and delicious for you. Jennifer Cortes, Suja’s Digital Marketing Coordinator says “I’m obsessed with these bars! I always make sure to keep one in my desk and bag. I just can’t seem to leave the house without them. The oatmeal chocolate chip is by far my favorite, it’s so good.”

Siete Foods Spicy Blanco Cashew Queso

Queso is a must at any office gathering here at Suja and Siete Foods Spicy Blanco Cashew has always been a staff top pick. This queso deserves its own holiday- yes, an entire day celebrating this plant based liquid gold! It tastes like the real deal and the best part it’s dairy free and made out of cashews.

Vegan Rob’s Dragon Puffs

Talk about spreading the love! Vegan Rob’s goals are to “Love yourself, our planet and all things living. And above all make a product that’s delicious, healthy, and a whole lot of fun.” This is why we love their snacks, especially their Dragon Puffs. They’re spicy, crunchy and packed with probiotics. Bella Tumini, Suja’s Senior Brand Manager says they’re “The best plant-based snacks. Their cauliflower puffs and dragon puffs are dee-lish,” and we couldn’t agree more.

Love Beauty and Planet Murumuru Butter & Rose Blooming Color Shampoo + Conditioner

Last but certainly not least we have an incredible hair care duo! The Love Beauty and Planet Color Shampoo + Conditioner moisturizes and leaves your hair glossy while leaving a fresh fragrance of rose petal. Kat Bethmann, Suja’s Marketing Communications Manager says this is the “Best smelling shampoo and conditioner out there, and perfect for me because it’s specifically safe for my color treated hair. The murumuru butter is really similar to coconut oil and is really nourishing and the rose leaves it smelling really sweet, floral and fresh. My hair is always super soft and smells amazing long after my shower! It’s also super important to me that it’s cruelty free, vegan, ethically sourced and free of dyes, sulfates and parabens (and it’s packaged in 100% recyclable bottles!)”