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By Annie Lawless

Top 5 Tips for Relaxation

Tips for Relaxation GraphicWe all need a break sometimes. It seems a bit funny to need help sitting back and relaxing, but the truth is, most of us don’t step back and take a break as often as we should. Knowing how to relax and let ourselves mentally detach from the everyday stimuli we are bombarded with is really important in this day and age when iPhones, internet, email, and news are always on and we are always reachable. Giving ourselves permission or some downtime to stop obsessing about work or personal tasks helps us re-center and get back in touch with our intentions and purpose in life. So, as a busy girl, how do I relax? Here are my top tips:

5 Top Tips for Relaxation:

1. Meditation: When you meditate, your mind is free of thoughts and scattered patterns. You are in a state of consciousness that allows you to let go and be free of the activities of the mind. 2. Exercise: Exercise releases feel good chemicals in your brain so you are left feeling calm and collected afterwards. And don’t think you have to run a marathon to reap the benefits - a 30 minute walk or a gentle yoga class will do the trick. Aim to move your body in a way that you enjoy everyday and notice the positive changes in your mood! 3. Yoga: Yoga promotes a mind/body connection and encourages deep breathing techniques that help relax muscles and calm the body. 4. Journaling: I love a good brain dump when my mind is feeling a little chaotic and going a million miles an hour. When there are so many thoughts floating around, it’s helpful to let them out by writing them down without worrying about format or content. It’s a great way to release your feelings without worrying what anyone will think or placing judgment on your thoughts. Many times you can figure things out on your own by re-reading and digesting what you wrote and understanding how you’re really feeling and why. 5. Music: Listening to music helps transport you to another world and can be super relaxing. I hope some of these relaxation techniques resonate with you and remind you to indulge in some extra self care! Whether or not it’s on this list, it’s very important to make tie for any relaxation practice that you enjoy to help organize and redirect your thoughts. Managing stress in an ongoing task we all face daily, but arming yourself with a powerful relaxation routine will make all the difference! Namaste, Annie