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By Anya Kaats

Ways to Spring Clean Your Eating Habits

Suja Spring Clean Your Eating HabitsJune has officially begun, the weather is warmer and the trees and foliage are starting to get their full color back. Most of us are starting to get that Spring Cleaning itch. Out with the old, dusty stuff we’ve collected or held onto through the winter and in with the new! I don’t know about you, but “stuff” isn’t the only thing I want to get rid of after a long winter. I also want to ditch all of those lazy, unhealthy habits I picked up during the colder months. Spring cleaning can apply to your health and eating habits, not just your things! But how do we spring clean our diets? Here are 5 easy ideas! 1. Hit the farmers market. Warmer weather means the return of fresh, healthy ingredients, and there is no better way to stock up on farm-fresh foods than to go straight to the source. Shopping for ingredients at the farmers market often means you can avoid temptation from the cereal or cookie aisle and you might even learn a thing or two from your local farmer. You will also learn to appreciate the seasons and what it means to buy truly, local & seasonal ingredients. Make sure whatever you buy was grown close by and not shipping in from across the country or even overseas! Not sure where there’s a farmers market near you? Check out to find one! 2. Try making just one As a health coach, I know how difficult it is to make lots of intense dietary changes all at once. Huge changes often prove unsustainable and it isn’t very difficult to return to bad habits when you feel overwhelmed by the changes you’ve made. Especially if they don’t work well with your lifestyle. My recommendation is to just choose one thing to focus on whether that’s giving up coffee for tea, deciding to ditch dairy or focusing on eliminating processed carbohydrates or excess sugars. Focusing on one change will help you to feel less overwhelmed and you will find it much easier to succeed. Success in one area can lead to success in others – just be patient with yourself. True change takes time. Don’t bite off more than you can chew! 3. Buy a new cookbook. It’s common to get a bit bored and lazy in the kitchen, especially during the winter, and you may find yourself making the same few unhealthy meals every week because you are used to them and know there wont be any surprises. A great way to get inspired and spring clean your eating habits is to pick up a brand new cookbook that focuses only on clean, healthy ingredients. Not only will you find new & exciting recipes to create but you might even feel inspired to make something unique all on your own! There is nothing more fun and exciting than experimenting in the kitchen. Even if it doesn’t turn out perfect you will feel accomplished and motivated to keep trying! 4. Try something new. I always like to think about healthy eating in terms of what foods you are adding in, instead of what you are eliminating. There are endless types of fresh, healthy foods and most of us haven’t come anywhere near trying them all. This spring, look for something healthy that you’ve never tried. Maybe it’s some sort of tropical fruit or a super seasonal ingredient like fiddlehead ferns. You could even try a familiar ingredient prepared in a unique way. For example, try spiralizing zucchini or sweet potato in place of pasta! Trying new things is a great way to feel inspired in the kitchen and you’ll feel less intimidated by eating healthier when you know there are endless ingredients and endless ways to prepare healthy, fresh food. 5. Start a weekly dinner party with friends and family. Eating healthier is always easier when you are doing it with others. Start a weekly dinner party where you and your friends and family switch off hosting. Make sure everyone knows only to prepare fresh, healthy foods. If you’re worried about what they might make, check with them first or provide them with some recipe inspiration. Not only will you end up trying lots of new meals but you will probably inspire your friends and family to spring clean their eating habits too! Cheers! Anya Kaats & Suja Juice