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By Sam Swensen

5 Health Benefits of Drinking Juice Daily

Suja 5 Reasons To Juice
  1. Hydration: Juicing is a great way to get a natural source of water found in fruits and vegetables in addition to important nutrients, minerals, and electrolytes. (1)
  2. Increase fruit and veggie consumption: For some of us, it may be difficult to sit down to a big plate of raw greens and choose fruit at snack time. It is also tough when traveling or busy to eat well and have access to the most optimal foods. Juicing is an easy way to pack in multiple servings of fruits and vegetables in a condensed and delicious form. (2)
  3. pH regulation. Most juices, especially those with greens, are very alkaline. Many of us tend to be acidic from the consumption of processed foods, dairy, coffee, soda, and sugar. Juicing daily can help neutralize that acidity and bring the pH to a more balanced place. (3)
  4. Hunger management. Drinking a juice can fill you up and give your body a pure source of nutrients with a low to moderate amount of calories which may help you feel less hungry between meals and avoid unhealthy snacks or mindless eating. (4)
  5. Easily assimilated nutrition: Juicing removes the fiber from the fruits and vegetables and breaks them down, so your body has very little work to do to access the vitamins and minerals. (4)
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