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By Suja Juice

Guayusa Health Benefits

At Suja, we love using unique ingredients in our juices and functional beverages! Guayusa is a native tree leaf that is grown in Ecuador, specifically in the Amazon rainforest where it has been part of the Amazonian culture and cultivation for over 2000 years. (3) It is known to have great health benefits and although it is not a tea, it is prepared like one; Guayusa has actually been found to have double the antioxidants as tea. (1) Caffeine, polyphenols, and 15 essential amino acids are naturally found in Guayusa, delivering clean, focused energy. (1)

Guayusa Health Benefits & Facts

Aids digestion

Guayusa is known to help prevent bloating, upset stomach, and constipation. (2)

Physical energy

The caffeine it contains can boost your energy levels. (2) It offers more caffeine than tea and less than coffee, but still offers the boost of natural energy. (1)

Relaxer and mental clarity

Guayusa contains certain amino acids that produce Dopamine. (2) Dopamine is a neurotransmitter, or chemical messenger, released by the brain. Some of its notable functions are in movement, memory, pleasure, behavior and cognition, and mood. (4)

Minerals and vitamins

It also contains magnesium, potassium, zinc, chromium, calcium, and vitamin D & C, which are all essential nutrients that our bodies need. (2)

Contributes to conservation

Guayusa actually helps conserve the rainforest because it grows in the shade protected by the sun, which creates a profitable alternative to slash-and-burn and clearcutting agricultural methods (burning and cutting down of trees). (2) We’re excited to feature this incredible ingredient in our new Guayusa Lemon Drinking Vinegar, a tart and sweet tea flavor that packs a probiotic punch! SOURCES:
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