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By Suja Juice

Health Benefits of Cantaloupe

Move over watermelon, there’s another cool melon in town! Cantaloupe is a unique fruit that may not be one of the most popular fruits, but there’s no reason for it not to be! Filled with so much tasty nutrition, this fruit would be perfect for a little switch-up from your normal fruits. If you want the best cantaloupe look for one that is symmetrical, feels heavy for its size, and has a creamy yellow-orange color. Check out some of these health benefits of cantaloupe that will be sure to make you grab one next time you’re in the produce aisle! Check out some delicious benefits of cantaloupe:

Beta Carotene

This nutrient is what gives off the bright color. It is converted into Vitamin A once it’s eaten, which is a very powerful antioxidant, important for eye and immune health. (1)

Vitamin C

The USDA states that 1 cup of balled cantaloupe contains over 100% of the recommended daily value of Vitamin C (1) which is known to enhance the immune system. (2)


Cantaloupe can help maintain a healthy digestive tract because it contains fiber and moisture. (3)


Cantaloupe contains an electrolyte, Potassium, which helps muscle recovery and stamina. (4)


Cantaloupe’s water content is close to 90%. Staying hydrated helps support your daily functions. (1) Perfect for those hot summer days! Check out one of our new fermented botanical drinks, Invigorate. This cold-pressed cantaloupe juice features organic cantaloupe, a double dose of ginger (fresh and fermented!), goji berry, and a hint of lime! SOURCES: