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By Suja Juice

Coconut Vinegar Benefits

Get The Health Perks of Apple Cider Vinegar - Plus More!

When I first heard about coconut vinegar, I was confused. With a continuous flow of coconut water in the fridge and coconut oil stocked in the pantry, I thought I knew all the hot coconut products out there. Even with coconut’s rise to fame in the past few years coconut vinegar has kept out of the spotlight, overshadowed by the popularity of apple cider vinegar. As a big believer in a daily dose of ACV, I thought apple cider vinegar was THE vinegar. Now I know organic, unpasteurized coconut vinegar has all the great health benefits of our beloved apple cider vinegar, plus even more! There are some versions of coconut vinegar made from coconut water, however the more nutritious version used in some of our new Drinking Vinegars is made from the coconut nectar, or sap. Coconut vinegar is made by allowing the naturally occurring sugars from coconut nectar to ferment. So now you know that coconut vinegar is, in fact, a real thing, read on to learn about the health benefits:

Variety of Minerals

Coconut trees are grown in mineral-rich, volcanic soil which is why coconut vinegar includes 65 important minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium. Calcium and magnesium are important for maintaining healthy bones and potassium helps regulate blood pressure and metabolism. (1)

Vitamin C and B Vitamins

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can help neutralize the cell damage caused by free radicals (2) while B Vitamins promote a healthy metabolism and increase energy levels. (3)

Low Glycemic Index

Eating foods with a low glycemic index have been shown to limit spikes in blood sugar which cause insulin to be released, leading to weight gain. (5)

Alkaline Profile

Alkaline foods help aid digestion and balance out acid-forming foods in the body (meat, milk, coffee, etc). Lack of alkaline foods in a diet can negatively affect immunity and cause fatigue. (6)

Essential Amino Acids

Coconut vinegar has 17 amino acids – all 9 essential plus 8 more. Amino acids help the body repair tissue and support detoxification and metabolism. (1) Our 4 newest Drinking Vinegars feature organic Coconut Vinegar with a healthy dose of Vegan Probiotics. Try Grapefruit Jalapeño for a citrusy kick, zesty Ginger Turmeric, refreshing Lemongrass Lime or Blueberry Lemon for a dessert-y treat! SOURCES