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By Suja Juice

Hello Glow: Probiotic Cocktails with Suja

Suja Drinking Vinegars. Specifically Hibiscus Ancho Chile and their Lemon Vinegar drink, were recently featured on Hello Glow. The website includes a recipe feature for Suja’s Probiotic Cocktails featured in the Winter issue of Purely Elizabeth’s quarterly magazine. "You’re older now and you’re looking for drinks that are a little more sophisticated than Flaming Dr. Pepper. These probiotic cocktails fit the bill. With flavors like Hibiscus Ancho Chile + Rosemary and Vodka Lemon Cayenne + Thyme, they’ve got that high-end feel to them, and then they have an added, unexpected benefit too: they’re made with drinking vinegar." Get the recipes here: Hello Glow