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By Kate Lynch-Leeney

Meatless Monday: Suja Smoothie Bowl

I love that there are so many clean and nourishing ingredients in Suja's juices! When I make my smoothie bowls, I try to make them with tons of fruits and vegetables, and Suja helps me out with that. For this bowl, I chose Suja's Berry Protein, which contains apples, strawberries, bananas, almond milk, pea protein, chia seeds, rice milk, and vanilla! Because of these ingredients, I didn't have to add much to make a well-balanced bowl! I blended 3 cups of spinach into the juice mixture and topped it with more chia seeds and banana. When making your bowls, aim to have 4 cups of raw fruits and vegetables. This will jump start your day and leave you feeling refreshed. Stay tuned - there will be more delicious bowls coming in the next few weeks :)
- Kate