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By Sam Swensen

6 Snacks to Keep You Feeling Full

Eating well-balanced, satisfying meals is one of the keys to maintaining a healthy weight and a healthy lifestyle. (1) But whether you're a mindless snacker like me or because not all of your meals are keeping you as full as you'd like, sometimes you need a little something to keep you from rummaging through the pantry every half hour. Here are 6 delicious snacks I recommend to keep you feeling full and focused throughout the day: Almonds: Just 1/4 cup of nuts contains 4g of satisfying fiber and a good amount of magnesium (2) Avocados: Full of fiber, avocados also contain oleic acid, a monounsaturated fat that prompts your brain to signal that you are full. (3) Apples: High fiber and pectin levels make apples a satisfying snack. (4) Dark Chocolate: The steric acid contained in dark chocolate will help you to feel fuller for longer. (5) Sweet Potatoes: Rich in vitamin A and C, sweet potatoes contain a digestive enzyme that takes the body longer to break down so you feel satisfied longer (6) Raspberries: Just a cup of raspberries has 8g of fiber and is loaded with antioxidants. And they're so sweet and satisfying that you rarely need more than that! (7) Cheers, Sam Swensen & Suja Juice SOURCES: 1. "Stop Worrying about Fat - Harvard Health." Harvard Health. 1 Sept. 2013. Web. 14 Aug. 2015. 2. Health Benefits of Almonds. (2015). Retrieved from 3. Dreher, M. (2013). Hass Avocado Composition and Potential Health Effects. National Library of Medicine, 738-750. Retrieved from 4. "11 Foods That Lower Cholesterol - Harvard Health." Harvard Health. Harvard Health Publications, 1 Oct. 2009. Web. 5. "Chocolate: Pros and Cons of This Sweet Treat - Harvard Health." Chocolate: Pros and Cons of This Sweet Treat. Harvard Health Women's Watch, 1 Feb. 2014. Web. 6. Mercola, Joseph. "Sweet Potatoes: A Tasty Treat for Your Health." Mercola Publishing Inc., 2015. Web. 7. "Rasberries." The World's Healthiest Foods. The George Mateljan Foundation, 2015. Web.