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By Suja Juice

Find the perfect functional shot for you!

Fall is upon us and while that means pulling out your favorite flannel and enjoying a Pumpkin Spiced our case Spiced Apple Cider, it also means the seasonal funk is back! No need to worry though, we’ve got you covered from Energy boosts to increased Focus and most importantly Immunity boosts to help you power through the cold and flu season.

Energy Shot

If caffeine is where your head’s at the moment you wake up, then we’re speaking the same language! We love a good caffeine boost too, so much so that we’ve created an Energy shot that contains 100 MG of organic, clean plant-based energy. (In case you didn’t know, that’s about the same amount of caffeine in a cup of coffee.) Get up and go with this tasty shot featuring coffee berry and reishi and replace your morning coffee run with a couple extra minutes taking in the fall sunrise!

Digestion Shot

With the season change comes tasty fall treats...and while they may be difficult to avoid the key is making sure your system is able to reset after indulging! Enter our Digestion shot, a blend of ginger, apple cider vinegar and other amazing ingredients such as 1 billion probiotics to help promote gut health and balance out your system. We get it.. we’re quite the foodies ourselves and finding that middle ground is exactly why this boost comes in handy after enjoying some fall bites.

Immunity Defense

Staying healthy during the fall months can seem difficult when those around you are getting sick. Coming down with the sickies is never on the agenda and can set back the daily routine. If you’re on the defense like us and are looking for an Immunity boost then look no further than this ginger and turmeric shot! Mini but mighty blend is the perfect dose to keep in your back pocket.

Immunity Rebound

Already feeling the fall funk? Get your immune system back to its regular self! Featuring elderberry and guava leaf extract, this dose can help once those unwelcome symptoms start setting in. Don’t let this setback get in the way of enjoying fall activities...grab our shot and bounce back, you won’t regret it!


Dialing in isn’t always as simple as it seems. Concentrating can be pretty difficult when the midday slump settles in. If you’re having trouble staying tuned in then our Focus shot is perfect for you. This yummy shot contains L-Theanine, Lion’s mane, and Green Tea Caffeine for the perfect attention grabbing dose! Looking to find one of these babies!? Order a 15-pack of functional shots through our website, be sure to use code SHOTSOFHOPE and enjoy 10% off and FREE SHIPPING!* Want to pick them up in store? Head to our website to use our Find Us tab to see which retailers near you carry them...and go give plant power a shot! *Discount code valid through 10/31/19