NEW Detox Juice Cleanse Now Available!

By Suja Juice


While the world around us slowly rebuilds back to normal, Suja is taking a celebratory pause to acknowledge National Green Juice Day today - January 26th! Whether you are a dedicated green juice drinker or have recently discovered the amazing health benefits of “going green”, you can count on Suja to offer a variety of functional and delicious options to incorporate into your daily wellness regime. We call green juice the tastiest way to stay on track of your New Year’s resolutions! This year, we’re excited to also partner with Pure Barre locations across the country to share our love for green juice with yogis everywhere! Sending you virtual cheers all day long! In the meantime, check out our latest green juice options:

Uber GreensUber Greens

This nutrient dense green juice drink full of leafy greens, tangy citrus and revitalizing mint tea is the best way to drink your veggies and gulp your greens.

Celery JuiceCelery Juice

Kiss your home juicer (& the mess that goes with it) goodbye! In as little as one day after harvest, we cold-press our locally-grown celery, then use high pressure processing (HPP) to maintain nutrients and fresh taste in our organic celery juice. This organic celery juice drink bottles up celery and a touch of lemon (yup…that’s it!)

Detox: Matcha MintDetox Matcha Mint

Indulge in flavors from earthy matcha tea and refreshing garden mint, perfectly topped off with a touch of sweetness from organic honey in this cold-brewed blend. “Mint” for those days your body needs a little extra TLC!