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By Suja Juice

Suja's Fall Immunity Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale

It’s the most wonderful time of the year when we gear up for holiday gift exchanges and forge unforgettable memories with family and friends. You might be in full “travel prep mode” or bracing for the chillier temperatures. Either way, you don’t want to miss out on these festive moments in bed with a load of tissue boxes and a fully stacked medicine cabinet nearby as your BFF. At Suja, we’re making it easy to take full charge of your health and guard your immune system during our biggest Fall Immunity Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale EVER! Savings start on November 23 and last until November 29. During this entire week, you can snag 15% off our top-rated, travel-friendly 60 & 90-pack immunity shots with promo code STOCKUP at checkout. This is the most optimal time to stock up before heading into the cold winter months ahead! Disclaimer: We’re not sure when a mega sale like this will happen again. Don’t waste a minute and start adding those healthy choices to your cart! Plus all shots come with a happiness guarantee. *Valid on 60 or 90 packs—one-time purchases only, no subscriptions.

What’s on Sale This Year

So you might be wondering what’s inside these immune-supporting shots. How do they protect your overall health? Well, let’s take a deeper look! Immunity Defense Hero1. Immunity Defense Shot Our team calls this power-packed shot “mighty like plant-based karate,” because it’s loaded with all of the essentials you need for the holiday season. Think of this shot as that precautionary defense layer for your immune health.

What you need to know about our most popular Immunity Defense Shot:

  • Contains live probiotics to support immune and digestive health
  • Packed with 5000 mg of Turmeric
  • Loaded with 200g of Echinacea
“I take an Immunity and Vitamin D & Zinc Shot every single day since the end of January 2021. Knock on wood, feeling healthier than ever!” - Verified Buyer, Angelina Immunity Elderberry Hero2. Immunity Elderberry Shot So you’ve caught a bad bug that won’t go away? Maybe those traditional over-the-counter remedies are losing potency. Consider our Immunity Elderberry Shot, specifically made to relieve symptoms and speed up recovery.

What you need to know about our Immunity Elderberry Shot:

  • Packed with 150% Vitamin C from Acerola Cherry
  • Includes 100% DV Zinc
  • Along with Elderberry, this shot is brimming with ginger, honey, and chamomile tea
“While out shopping I saw these and decided to try one. I am vegan, all organic. I love the convenience, size, and assurance it gave me knowing I was putting something incredibly healthy into my body. I definitely plan to buy these on a regular basis to boost my immunity.” -Verified Buyer Vitamin D Shot Hero3. Vitamin D & Zinc Shot According to Harvard Health Publishing, most of us don’t get enough vitamin D from the sun, which plays a major role in boosting immunity. So if you need a little helping hand in that department, our Vitamin D & Zinc Shot is one to add to your daily routine.

What you need to know about our Vitamin D & Zinc Shot:

  • Contains 150% DV Vitamin C
  • Loaded with 100% Vitamin D and Zinc
  • Also packed with reishi, live probiotics, ginger, turmeric, and acerola cherry with immune-supporting benefits
“The Vitamin D & Zinc shot went down so easily because it was tasty and I could really feel it start working and nourishing my body🤍 Love Suja shots!” - Verified Buyer, Carolyn

Don’t Miss Our Biggest Sale of the Year

It’s time to be proactive during this season and take charge of your health! Don’t wait to stock up on our best-selling immune-boosting goodies. Share them with family and friends this holiday season. After all, gifting healthy treats is always a great way to start the new year. Mark your calendars and snag 15% off our Fall Immunity Wellness Shots between November 23-29 with promo code STOCKUP! *Valid on 60 or 90 packs, one-time purchases only, no subscriptionsSuja's Fall Immunity Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale Suja's Fall Immunity Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale Suja's Fall Immunity Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale