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By Suja Juice

10 Eco-Friendly Brands We Love

It’s Earth Month! We absolutely love Mama Earth and are humbled and inspired by our favorite eco-friendly brands who have launched incredible missions to better our environment. Reformation Their motto - “Being naked is the #1 most sustainable option. We’re #2”. Now this is sustainability we can get behind. Naked or not, Reformation puts sustainability at the core of everything they do, with an eco-friendly factory, pro-social technologies, and green building infrastructure. Not to mention that they provide quarterly sustainability reports and share environmental impacts of each garment to show us what the #real cost of sustainable fashion is. Patagonia One of the reasons we absolutely l.o.v.e. this brand is because of their honesty in trying to be socially and environmentally responsible in every way they can. Admitting that they may never reach 100%, they strive to anyways. Transparency seems to be a trend and we’re diggin’ it. Patagonia also commits 1% of sales to grassroots activist. Giving back to the environment is always a plus in our books. Imperfect Produce Over here at Suja, we love plants and we can’t help but feel offended to see that plants are being rejected for their looks. Fruits and veggies are some of the most nutrient dense foods and Imperfect Produce rescues those that would otherwise go to waste, boxing them up and sending them straight to your door. To our fellow perfectly imperfect produce, don’t worry, the grocery stores didn’t deserve you anyways ;) We love all shapes, colors, and sizes! PrAna Of course, we love supporting local companies, but that’s not the only reason why we have heart eyes for PrAna! They’re also another company that uses sustainable resources to create their clothing, including organic cotton, recycled wool and polyester, hemp, and more. What’s especially unique is their Fair Trade Certified products, ensuring safe working conditions, fair earnings, and fair treatment. Going to yoga? Hiking? Work? On a dinner date? Yes, that’s right – they have a wide variety of clothing that’s definitely worth checking out! Coola We’re trying to keep our cool over here thinkin’ about Coola. We believe in beautiful and healthy skin, especially in San Diego where we have one temperature – sunny & 75. Some skincare products contain parabens, GMOs, and oxybenzone and we say no thank you to that. Coola provides natural, organic, locally sourced, products with antioxidant-rich plant-based ingredients. And cruelty free! REI REI is basically as close as it gets to a sustainability super store. Since 1976, REI has invested more than 77 million dollars through partner nonprofits for outdoor stewardship. That’s A LOT OF MONEY! Even more impressive, REI has partnered with more than 5 dozen outdoor brands to enhance the sustainability of the products they sell. AND they run on 100% green energy. Dr. Bronner’s Talk about true love for the earth. Regenerative organic soap, body & home care, and food products, certified Fair Trade, and commitment to becoming a zero-waste operation are only a few things this company provides. Treat yourself with only the purest organic and Fair Trade ingredients. Trust us, your body deserves it! Grab Green Home is where…Grab Green is. But seriously – if this isn’t in your home, you’re doing it wrong. This brand offers natural and non-toxic cleaning products, and they’re actually effective. They use recyclable, sustainable, and biodegradable packaging and ingredients. Guess what, they use naturally-derived plant ingredients and DUH we love plants too – don’t drink these products though ;) Justin’s Saying that we’re nuts for Justin’s is an understatement. Their initiatives to have organic, non-GMO, and sustainably sourced ingredients is admirable! Also, lets talk about their support for the bees – they’ve joined forces with organizations to help save the pollinators. If you haven’t already heard the buzz, our honey bees are dying and it’s up to us to help save them because they’re a huge reason we’re able to eat every day! Justin’s, round of applause to you. Cotopaxi Last but certainly not least, Cotopaxi is an amazing company with a huge impact outside of just sustainable outdoor wear. Three pillars are at the core of their belief: Health, Education, and Livelihoods. We commend brands like this who go above and beyond just worrying about themselves and make an impact on developing countries and those in extreme poverty. Side note, their products are guaranteed to last 61 years - nope, not a typo!