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By Suja Juice

Finals Week: 5 Prep & Recovery Tips

It’s that time of year again—finals week! If visions of all-nighters, flashcards, and no. 2 pencils arise and elevate stress levels, you’re not alone! In fact, according to, 31% of U.S. students agree that midterms and finals are the top sources of stress. For this reason alone, it’s pivotal to set yourself up for success and actively practice ways to prep and recover! Keep reading to take note of our top five tips you may want to consider.
  1. Establish a Fitness Routine

One of the best ways to prepare before finals week is to find a workout rhythm that you can easily stick to. Chances are, if you don’t practice regular movement ahead of time, you might put it on the back burner when you’re cramming for that calc test you need to ace. It’s also important to get the blood flowing with exercise breaks during exam week, so you can come back to your studies refreshed, focused, and even more productive. As far as the exercise routine itself—it doesn’t need to be super strenuous. Consider carving out time for a brisk 20-minute walk or jog around campus!
  1. Stock up on Fuel

Exercise can help clear your mind, but if you anticipate long study hours, then you might need to find healthy ways to “boost” your energy. This is where our new cafe-style functional Coffee and Mocha Energy Shots come to the rescue! They’re like coffee but better. Packed with a blend of six functional mushrooms like Lion’s Mane—known to improve cognition, and Reishi—which helps to reduce stress, this type of controlled dose of caffeine will arm you with a balanced flow of sustained energy. Plus, you’ll never encounter the dreaded “afternoon slump,” like you get with ordinary coffee. So if you don’t want to rely on the sugar-filled energy drinks that could lead to burnout, stock up on these healthy shots during finals week….your brain will thank you later.
  1. Organize Your Workspace

Excess clutter can make it especially difficult to focus, especially while studying. Not maintaining an organized workspace can even heighten stress levels and messy spaces could lead to memory issues from sensory overload. With that said, you may want to organize and clean your study space before finals week ensues! Clearing this area could also help you take stock of school supplies and tools you may need in advance.
  1. Get Plenty of Rest

According to Cornell University, most college-aged students need at least 7-9 hours of sleep to mitigate burnout and drowsiness. So even though those pesky all-nighters might be inevitable, do yourself a favor and try to get adequate sleep. Perhaps this means planning out your study sessions way in advance or winding down at night with a cup of warm tea. That said, your body and mind might be on overdrive post-finals, so make sure you pay attention to your sleep schedule afterward too.
  1. Book a Mini Staycation

It’s important to celebrate your hard work and decompress after you turn in that final scantron. This might not mean a lavish vacation to the Caribbean, but see if you can take a few days off and “relax” somewhere close to your university! Whether it’s a meditative spa day at a local resort or going off the grid by camping under the stars, find some time to calm your nervous system and recharge!

Tackle Finals Week With Ease

Finals week is pretty much like gearing up for a marathon—it’s important to prepare as best as you can, prioritize your health, and find ways to recover. And if you want to ensure you get sustained energy throughout this time, try our Coffee and Mocha Energy Shots, now available at