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By Sarah Tweed

5 Juicy Wellness Gifts For Mom This Mother's Day

Let’s face it — most multitasking mamas around the world are constantly in motion. Whether it’s dropping the kiddos off at soccer practice, or tackling an everlasting errand list, self-care might take a sad back seat. So, this Mother’s Day, instead of showering her with ordinary chocolates or a silky bathrobe, why not make self-care the number one priority? We bet if you asked any mom to paint her ideal dream day, it would look like a mini wellness retreat filled with nourishing goodies for the soul! This year at Suja, we’ve compiled a list of our top juicy wellness gifts for all of our beloved mamas that support overall health and happiness! 1) Energy Shot: Sometimes that pour-over coffee isn’t so convenient when there’s an 8am appointment on the calendar.Energy Shot - Beach Most mamas might rely on coffee as a central source of energy, but on some days, it’s just not doable amidst the frenzy. Enter our Energy Shot that’s intentionally designed to easily fit into her swift morning routine or provide a powerful midday energy boost! This grab-and-go shot is filled with organic coffee fruit, adaptogenic reishi, and live probiotics to supportimmune and digestive health. Also, did we mention it contains 100 mg of natural caffeine? Yep! You heard us right! It’s packed with the juiciest plant power from fresh coconut water, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, tart cherries, and so much more. Basically, it’s ALL of the goods bottled up in one small, yet mighty shot so mom’s mental clarity, focus, and energy are always on point. 2) Essentials Probiotic Shot: If mom is looking to guard her immune system before a much-needed vacay, our loaded Essentials Shot contains everything she needs! With a base of nutrient-dense cold-pressed greens, this probiotic shot is buzzing with Vitamin A, C, D, and E! Plus, she’ll get a zap of Zinc, adaptogenic reishi, and immune-supporting live probiotics to deliver the wellness essentials every mama deserves. When it comes to the taste department, our Essentials Shot not only provides a refreshingly sweet taste from the pineapple, but she’ll catch wind of an approachable green flavor from the fresh spinach, kale, celery, collard greens, and cucumber. The hint of lemon and zesty ginger balance everything to perfection. We seriously won’t be surprised if mom says sayonara to the ordinary wheatgrass shots after sipping on this. 3) 1-Day Detox: No need for moms to feel guilty after a weekend with the girls or a carb-heavy,1-Day Detox carbonara date night. Our limited edition, chef and dietician 1-Day Detox is a quick cleanse to get back on the right track. We also realize that moms have limited time with busy schedules, so with this quick detox, she won’t have to dedicate weeks of her time to feeling healthy again. So what’s all included? Our 1-Day Detox includes four cold-pressed juices to sip on over the course of a 10-hour window, along with handy meal and snack options. Each juice contains organic, plant-powered ingredients like fresh orange, lemon, green coffee bean extract, turmeric, dandelion root, ginger, plus pre probiotics. We think the 1-day detox is the ultimate reset for mamas who just need a little reboot back to healthier habits. Our 1-Day Detox is a limited-time offer only available through May 4, so be sure to snag this now before it’s gone! 4) Uber Greens: Most green juices are filled to the brim with artificial ingredients, fillers, and sugar. Uber Greens If you’re gifting green juice for mom, go with our nutrient-dense organic green juice, Uber Greens. She’ll sip on a balanced combo of leafy greens that bottles up cucumber, celery, grapefruit, green chard, green leaf lettuce, lemon, kale, spinach, parsley, peppermint tea and spearmint tea. The bonus? Each juice only contains 5 grams of sugar. So if mama doesn’t have the time or energy to hand press juice at home, or she just needs a juice to absorb key nutrients, this is the solution. She can also drink it any time of the day to reap the full spectrum of benefits! 5) Immunity and Digestion Shot Pack: We know most moms are triple threats, so this little gift will surely match her superwoman capabilities. In this three-pack, she’ll receive an Immunity Defense, Vitamin D & Zinc, and Digestion shot. You bet her immunity and digestive track will be in tip-top shape after downing these on-the-go shots! The flavors are also super refreshing — combining spicy turmeric, tangy ginger, orange juice, pineapple, and so many more star ingredients. It’s safe to say, this is the ultimate wellness bundle she’ll certainly savor. We hope that you’re armed with plenty of juicy wellness goodies to make this Mother’s Day extra special! PS: We suggest bundling these items in a sweet little gift basket for the ultimate self-care surprise. Enjoy!