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By Suja Juice

Our Best Mindful May Nutrition Tips

Many of us are aware of the term “mindfulness” and make a conscious effort to weave this practice into our everyday lives — simply to savor the present moment. In it’s simplest form, this means paying attention on a moment-to-moment level, and remaining purposeful with our daily actions. Whether it’s hiding your buzzing cell phone during dinner hour, or going on a brisk run in complete solitude, living life more intentionally can lead to positive behavioral changes that transform us for the better! So, this May, we want to highlight the significance behind “mindful nutrition,” which revolves around sensual awareness of the foods and drinks we intuitively choose to buy, prep, and consume. When we listen to our nutritional needs on a bodily level and genuinely savor our meals through a non-judgemental lens, we tend to create more desirable health benefits for the long-term. If you’re super curious about adopting mindful nutrition practices, we’ve rounded up our top tips you can start implementing at this very moment during Mindful May! 1) Shop with strategy: The items we put in your cart absolutely matter. If we’re loading up on frozen hot pockets and sugar- filled soda, and physically placing them in our environment, we’re 10x more likely to consume it. As James Clear mentioned in his book Atomic Habits, “engineering a healthy environment inevitably leads to good decisions.” Think about constructing a weekly grocery list that hits all of the pivotal categories like leafy green vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, healthy protein choices, and more. Our tip is to avoid the center aisles of the market where most of the artificially-processed foods live, like sweet candy and salty chips. We also suggest setting yourself up for success by choosing beverages that start your day off on the right note, like our Essentials Probiotic Shot. Packed with Vitamins A, C, D, and E, nutrient-dense, cold-pressed greens, and immune-supporting live probiotics, you’ll feel more than ready to make healthier eating choices throughout the day! 2) Think about smaller portions: When we dine in at restaurants, sometimes we’re served with abnormally large portions fit for a family of four, but feel obligated to clean the plate. However, when we eat in the comfort of our own home, we have the power to control portion sizes. Our tip here is to pay attention to the sizes of your plates and bowls before serving to avoid overeating. Experts say that choosing a 9-inch or smaller plate can actually make servings look richer! It’s a little trick we play on the brain that favors smaller portions. Lastly, before going in for seconds, take at least two minutes to tune into your body before another bite. Chances are, you won’t feel the urge to continue feasting. 3) Consume intuitively: As the old saying goes, our bodies will tell us exactly what they need. Your intuition knows best, so instead of following strict diet books, how about eating when we’re hungry and stopping when we’re full?Gut Health Elderberry Ginger To do this effectively, it’s important to distinguish the difference between emotional and physical hunger. If you’re craving foods and drinks due to sadness or downright boredom, this is defined as emotional hunger. On the flipside, physical hunger is a biological urge to replenish our bodies with key nutrients. Signals could include lack of energy, fatigue, or even a moaning stomach. Sometimes stomach discomfort can also indicate our gut needs extra TLC. In this case, we suggest giving your body a boost of digestive, health-supporting probiotics with Gut Health: Elderberry Ginger. This naturally sweetened elderberry juice blend that bottles up trace minerals, acerola cherry, Bacillus Coagulans GBI-30 6086, zinc citrate, and more will give your gut the ultimate hug it needs. 4) Ignite your senses: When we turn on all of our five senses during a meal, eating and drinking can quickly become a meditative practice. As we begin to pay attention to specific aromas, colors, shapes, textures, and even sounds, we harness feelings of gratitude on a granular level that trickles down to every ingredient used. Also, when we activate our senses, we learn to take control over our cravings, hunger, and even our emotions! We guarantee this tip will also help you relax and find prolonged peace during meal time. Elements: Strawberry Passionfruit 5) Eat and sip slowly: Last but not least, hastily consuming our food and beverages doesn’t give our bodies enough time to digest. Along with slowing down our speed, it’s recommended to take small bites, and set down utensils in between bites. The best way to support eating our food slower and more intentionally is by sipping on a refreshing, healthy beverage that’s also bubbly! Our Strawberry Passion Fruit Sparkling Juice makes the perfect addition to any meal. It’s ultra-fizzy with vibrant tropical notes of passionfruit and dragon fruit. As a bonus, all of the ingredients support immune and biome health. We think this is a much healthier alternative to prosecco or soda pop! We hope these nutrition tips encourage you to eat and sip more mindfully! When we’re in tune with our hunger cues and make intuitive choices, we can quickly improve our overall lifestyle for the better!