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By Annie Lawless

Benefits of Meditation List

benefits of meditationMeditation is thoughtless awareness. You don’t “do” meditation, you enter a state of meditation (1). When you meditate, your mind is free of thoughts and scattered patterns. You are in a state of consciousness that allows you to let go and be free of the activities of the mind (2). If you don’t know where to start, make sure to read my blog about How to Meditate first! Now, let’s dig into the amazing health benefits of meditation list:

Stress Relief

Research has shown meditation may be one of the most effective forms of reducing stress (2). Neurologists have found those who meditate have less of the stress hormone cortisol compared with non-meditato­rs (3).


Meditators have shown reduced anxiety and stronger immune function after just 2 months of meditation. Some produced 25 more antibodies in response to the flu virus (4).

Depression + Anxiety

Depressed people treated with meditation are 50% less likely to relapse than people without meditation (5). Meditation helps retrain the mind to derail negative thinking patterns and regain control of our thoughts. Those who meditate report feeling a higher sense of calm, peace, and balance that those who do not (6).


Meditation helps us control our thoughts and instead of eating mindlessly or dealing with stress and negative emotions using food, meditators are more mindful of their hunger and why they may be feeling the need to emotionally eat (7).


Meditation prevents and reverses the effects of aging on the brain and the heart (8). Those who meditate regularly are shown to have thicker pre-frontal cortexes than those who do not as well as increased blood flow and slower heart rate. The pre-frontal cortex is responsible for attention and sensory perception which keeps us sharp and a lower heart rate reduces stress on the body (9). A meditation practice is an extremely valuable tool in quieting the mind of internal chatter, reducing anxiety, increasing concentration, and promoting general feelings of well being. I highly recommend giving it a try! Do you any of you guys meditate and how has it helped you? If you have any questions leave them below! XO Annie
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