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By Suja Juice

How to Celebrate National Wellness Month

Elevated Nutrients: Gut HealthFor many of us, the month of August is sort of a warm epilogue to summer and the looming finale of a memorable season. But, it’s also a brand new chance to introduce or uplevel healthy habits! Why you might ask? August is considered National Wellness Month (aka: quite possibly our favorite month of the year here at Suja). Of course, we believe every month should focus on wellness, but perhaps this might serve as a gentle reminder to always prioritize your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. This might look like practicing better sleep hygiene or squeezing in a quick Vinyasa flow class. Or it could mean hydrating more frequently and consuming better nutrients to support our gut health and immunity. The point is — there are so many effective micro-habits we can incorporate into our daily lives to optimize our full body wellness, and August might be the perfect month to get those practices in motion. If you’re curious to discover our top National Wellness Month tips, just keep on reading!

Find Effective Ways to Reduce Stress

You’re not alone if you feel there are so many external and internal stressors in today’s world. That’s why it’s even more pivotal to keep our stress management game in tip-top shape. Of course, an hour or two of daily cardio can put your body and mind in deep relaxation mode. Most medical professionals might also suggest carving out time for structured breathing and energy healing to calm the inflammation response ignited by stress. This could come in the form of yoga, meditation, reiki, and sound healing. Aside from giving your mind and body a punctuated break from all of the outside stimuli, practicing a healthy diet can also make a huge impact. Eating and drinking nutritious foods can reduce the effects of unwanted stress, bolster your immune system, and provide the mental clarity you need. Our Energized Focus: Raspberry Lemon beverage allows you to not only relax but get in the zone with a sweet zing! The star ingredients here are focus-enhancing Lion’s Mane and 70 mg of caffeine from green tea. You also won’t get the jittery feeling like you would with coffee. Why? Because green tea also contains the amino acid L-theanine, which yields anti-anxiety effects. Aside from all of this goodness, you’ll absorb Vitamin C from Acerola Cherry and Vitamin E from Annatto. As far as flavor, most describe Energized Focus as sweet and tart from strawberry, raspberry, and tangy lemon.

Elements: Blueberry Ginger and Lemon LoveTry a “Self-Care From Within” Approach

Aside from the occasional facial and mani/pedi, self-care can extend well beyond this. One huge area we tend to neglect is our gut health (often referenced as our second brain) which contains trillions of bacteria. When our gut microbiome is in sad shape, the connection between our central nervous system and enteric nervous system (in the gut) is off balance — causing constant disruptions throughout the entire body. Simply put, not taking good care of our gut can lead to a slew of unwanted health conditions. One of the best “self-care from within” tips is consuming probiotics (live bacteria) that can improve gut health by breaking down substances we digest, keeping the digestive system running like a well-oiled machine. The best drink to feed a happy gut is our Elements: Sparkling Blueberry Ginger beverage. Yes, the blueberry bubbles with a bold ginger bite will make you feel like a fancy, self-care queen, but all of the ingredients inside are as good as it gets! In just 12 fl oz. you’ll absorb one billion CFU of live probiotics that support your biome health, along with adaptogens from Lion’s Mane and Reishi. It’s also packed with Vitamins C, D & Zinc. PS: If you’re really looking to elevate your self-care game, try our tasty dairy-free fizzy elements float!

Establish a Personalized Health Routine

At the end of the day, practicing healthy habits that jive with your own schedule is the best way to dive into National Wellness Month. Maybe this means starting an AM ritual that entails drinking a tall glass of lemon water, taking vitamins, and sitting down for a five-minute meditation. Perhaps at night, you prepare a protein-rich dinner, read a juicy novel, and turn off your tech devices before snoozing. Establishing a solid routine is known to reduce stress, improve productivity and even impact your nutritional choices. One way to start your day off on a high note is to throw back our Vitamin D & Zinc Shot, supporting your immune and digestive health. One mighty shot contains calming reishi, live probiotics, ginger, turmeric, and acerola cherry. It’s practically full-body nourishment in just 2 fl. Oz. “The Vitamin D & Zinc shot went down so easily because it was tasty and I could really feel it start working and nourishing my body. Love Suja shots!” — Verified Buyer, Caroline

Take Action During Wellness Month

We hope these wellness tips inspire you to fully embrace our favorite holiday in August — National Wellness Month! If you try any of our top recommended wellness products from this post, be sure to snap a photo and tag us on IG for a chance to be featured! Resources: