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By Suja Juice

How to Survive a Fresh Start

Here at Suja, we’ve developed multiple Fresh Start programs to help you break bad habits and start anew. On one of these programs, you’ll drink 6 chef-crafted juices per day for 1, 3, or 5 days. The goal of a Fresh Start is to give your digestive tract a break and fully clean out your system. It’s important to let your body reset and rejuvenate! If you’ve ever considered doing a Fresh Start, but the idea of drinking your food for a few days seems a little intimidating, we’ve got some tips to help get you through! EASE YOUR WAY IN & OUT Set yourself up for success! Cut out some of the more indulgent things like alcohol, sweets, dairy & red meat. Your stomach will thank you and it will make your transition into the program much easier. And don’t forget to ease your way out as well. You don’t want to shock your digestive system with some crazy food combos or a meal that’s too large. GET PLENTY OF SLEEP Treat-yo-self, literally. Taking good care of your body doesn’t just mean choosing the right nutrients to fuel it. You need to allow your body the rest it needs to be able to focus on the detoxification. You’re consuming less calories than normal so your body needs help managing its energy levels, and sleep is the key! DRINK MORE WATER It probably feels like you’re already consuming as much liquid as your body can handle, but the way to make the most of your program is to flush your body with water too! KEEP THE EXERCISE LIGHT Don’t overdo it! Keep the exercise light with activities like yoga, bike riding or long walks. If you push yourself too hard you may end up feeling faint and famished due to burning too many calories. A little bit of movement will help boost your mood & will keep you busy! IF YOU’RE DYING TO CHEW-DO IT! Everyone’s body reacts differently during the Fresh Start program, and it’s important to listen to it! Now we’re not saying to go crazy, but if you’re feeling woozy, off or just not yourself, we recommend consuming some raw fruits and veggies. A great go-to is half an avocado, a baked sweet potato or some broth based soup. We know it’s hard to stay disciplined, but promise it’s worth the struggle! Up for the challenge? Shop our 3-Day Fresh Start and use promo code JUICEGOALS at checkout for up to $100 in savings!