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By Suja Juice

Meet Our Signature Lemon Love Trio #NationalLemonadeDay

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If you close your eyes and imagine a nostalgic childhood summer, it usually sparks visions of aquamarine pool splashes, wet hair, loads of sunscreen, and lots of tangy lemonade. As a youngster, you might have sold this citrusy beverage yourself for a dollar or two. Even to this day, we still see DIY lemonade stands lining suburban streets, embellished with captivating, neon posters. This imagery is exactly how National Lemonade Day came to fruition as an annual holiday on August 20. In fact, a man named Michael Holthouse invented it back in 2007 to inspire young, future entrepreneurs to start a stand and learn how a small business operates. As for lemonade itself, it really comes in all forms — sweet, tangy, opaque, sour, spicy, cloudy, etc. But the process of making it can be a hassle, especially if you’re squeezing ripe lemons by hand. Trying to avoid gulping down a seed or two makes it more of a challenge! That’s why this National Lemonade Day, we suggest skipping the headache of laborious lemon squeezing and trying our low-sugar lemonade love trio with a healthy twist. All three flavors will help you beat the summer heat too!

Lemon Love

We’ll be the first to admit that the classic lemonade can be a bit dull (but still refreshing, of course). That’s why Lemon Love takes the traditional flavor profile to a whole new level.Described as sunshine and a cool breeze in a bottle, this cool-down beverage combines freshly squeezed lemon juice, just a subtle hint of spice from cayenne pepper, and natural sweetness from stevia. If you have plans to head to the coast, be sure to pop this slightly spicy beverage into your beach bag to quench your thirst! “This is, without a doubt, my favorite beverage. The cayenne is such a welcome kick! When I'm parched it's my go-to. I wish I could duplicate it at home...'close' isn't the same. Thanks for making such a yummy drink with good-for-me stuff! “ — Verified Buyer, KEM

Ginger Love

Calling all ginger fanatics! Ginger Love will surely wake you up in the wee hours of the morning with a bright punch of lemon, ginger, sweet pineapple, and only 2 grams of sugar.Similar to Lemon Love, be prepared for a small kick of spice from the ginger, which makes this the ultimate tropical vacation beverage to sip on throughout any heat wave. Another bonus? Ginger is packed with antioxidants and also supports digestion… another big reason to snag this perfect refreshment. “Eyed Suja Ginger Love at my local grocery store, read the ingredients list, found it fit into my low-carb diet, and decided to give it a try. Now I'm in love with Ginger Love! Just tangy enough. I am enjoying drinking something that tastes delicious and has great, healthful ingredients, too. I'm anxious to try some of the other flavors!” — Verified Buyer, Swacker

Turmeric Love

Meet the spiciest addition to our lovely lemonade line-up, Turmeric Love. This revitalizing beverage is loaded with freshly pressed turmeric, tangy lemon, tropical passionfruit, and sweet pineapple. Plus, you’ll reap all of the health benefits associated with turmeric, largely due to the most active ingredient, curcumin. “Found this on the shelf at a Kroger while mainly looking for Kombucha options. Never had a tumeric-based drink before, so gave this a try. This was absolutely awesome. It has a SHARP ginger taste - almost to the point that I'd call it "spicy" (but like ginger or garlic style heat; not at all like ghost peppers or somesuch). Does a good job at quenching thirst while getting you a nice amount of simple, healthy ingredients. Not something I could see myself drinking as like a primary drink, but definitely great after a meal or when you want a healthy thirst-quenching drink with a surprising kick.” — Verified Buyer, William H

Don’t step into National Lemonade Day empty-handed this year — try our refreshing Lemon Love trio! And if you’re out and about, be sure to use our store locator to find Suja lemonade near you. Cheers!